What Parents Say…

Share the LOVE!

We just wrapped up one of our FAVORITE weeks here at Song of the Heart Studios: Share the Love Week! We love hearing what YOU love about Kindermusik and learning what your child loves most too. Our classes this week … Continue reading

Tips for Kindermusik Class Success

Welcome to our new families! Welcome back to our established families! We are so thrilled to have such a great start to the new season here at Song of the Heart Studios. Our hallway has been bustling with children and … Continue reading

Ready, Set, Sing!

Here at Song of the Heart Studios we are rested, prepped, and ready to begin our 26th season of bringing music into the lives and families of our community. During our summer hiatus we spend time resetting the studio and … Continue reading

3 Musical Ways to Support Neurodivergent Learners

It may seem counterintuitive, but neurodivergent learners thrive with the right multi-sensory activities. Music—a multi-sensory activity that stimulates all parts of the brain at once—promotes everything from self-regulation to emotional expression. And that turns tricky transitions and long days into … Continue reading

Just Breathe

Something we educators notice during our classes is that very often the caregivers in class have rising stress levels as they try to control their child’s behavior. We get it. Every JOY Team member is a parent. We know the … Continue reading

Ready, Set, Sing!

It’s that time of year again! There’s been a run on school supplies and the stores are wiped out. You can’t find a pencil case to save your life. There’s an excitement in the air for children as they return … Continue reading

Music = Essential

It’s easy to think of music as an “extra” when it comes to child development, learning, and education. After all, it’s not reading, writing, or ‘rithmetic. Nor is it STEM, or whatever buzzword acronym we are using in education these … Continue reading


“I wanted to say thank you for an amazing year with you in Kindermusik! You are an incredible teacher who is very gifted at instilling a love of music into the lives of others.” – Sarah


“Kindermusik provides adult education for me! I love to learn songs and activities that I can take home and use outside of class.”  – Laura “Another year has come and gone and we are filled with music again. My children … Continue reading


As Thomas is our last child, I wanted to spend some very intentional “one on one” time with him. The past two years have exceeded my wildest expectations.Thank you for sharing your energy, enthusiasm and talents with us. Watching Thomas … Continue reading