Tips for Kindermusik Class Success

Welcome to our new families! Welcome back to our established families! We are so thrilled to have such a great start to the new season here at Song of the Heart Studios. Our hallway has been bustling with children and caretakers. Our studios are brimming with song, movement, and joy. We see connections being forged and deepened. We see learning taking place and little eyes shining!

After our brief hiatus some children may have a hard time transitioning back into the routine of Kindermusik. And for our first-time families, your children may take awhile to acclimate to our studios and our routines. So here are some tips for a successful classroom experience with your child.

Remember that you are your child’s partner in class. If you come for the entire class, as with our Little Learners levels, or you come in for sharing time for the last few minutes in our Little Music Makers classes, you are your child’s partner. This is a time for you to put other thoughts away and focus on your child. Throw your inhibition out the door and play with them on their level. Sing . . . move . . . play . . . WITH your child. Don’t just watch them. Engage with them.

No judgment:
Keep in mind that your child is an individual, so don’t expect them to behave in class like all the other children. Each child experiences class in a way that is right for them and where they are developmentally. If your child needs to sit back and watch, that’s okay! Don’t push them to actively participate as observing is learning.

If your child is a mover, then let them move! Sure, it can be distracting in class if your kid is running around when everyone else is sitting on the rug listening to the teacher, but don’t sweat it. All the other parents get it. We’ve all been there. Some kids just gotta move their bodies. That’s okay!

It can take some children only a matter of a few seconds to feel comfortable in a new space and with new people. Other children may need weeks to feel confident in their place in class. If your child is resistant to going into the classroom and expresses some undesirable behaviors in the beginning, don’t worry. Just be consistent, kind, and patient. They’ll find their place and confidence soon.

We hear ALL THE TIME from caregivers who say though their child doesn’t sing in class or participate in Brain Gym, as soon as they get in the car their child is singing the hello song and doing their crossies and double doodles. They are learning and benefiting just from being in the room, even if they aren’t showing external signs of participation.

Reach out:
So many caregivers, especially those enrolled in our Foundations and Level 1 and 2 classes, often feel isolated. If you are a first-time parent you are eager to see your child grow and develop. But you also can benefit from class! Get to know the other grownups in your class. Trade numbers. Have playdates at the park outside of class. Making that effort will not only deepen and enhance the Kindermusik classroom experience, but it will enrich your child’s life as they develop friendship. And it can give you the support you might not even know you need as you develop friendships yourself. It takes a village! Kindermusik is is a great place to meet other caregivers that share your values and can become part of your village.

Hopefully these ideas can help you get the most out of your investment in Kindermusik. Remember that you take away more and your child benefits more when you are an active participant in the process. Sing with you soon!