Kids Music Classes

A Place Where Hearts Sing…

“Kindermusik is on our lists of blessings! We have felt overwhelming love, acceptance, and so much support since coming to Song of the Heart. I have become a better parent, my children have made connections with others and felt accepted and loved, we have become more engaged with each other.” – McCall, Kindermusik mom

And Children Flourish…

Your baby will feel the steady beat. Your toddler will move to the tempo. Your preschooler will match pitch. Your Kindergartener will play the melody. Your family will feel the rhythm in our kid’s music classes as you sing, learn, and play together. Connect with other families and discover how music makes great parenting easier in a studio that values joy, connection, growth and family. Enjoy a community where you and your child, from birth to age seven, will build your bond in a welcoming environment that develops the whole child through the most powerful learning tool on the planet — music!

Music Lessons for Kids

Kids music lessons are a life-long gift to give your children. Using the award winning Kindermusik curriculum, our music classes at Song of the Heart Studios will introduce your family to a whole new world of joy, connection and growth.
Our Kindermusik classes are based on proven theories, philosophies and techniques. They guide children along their developmental path, helping them to grow and develop a love for learning and for music that will last their whole life long.

Song of the Heart Studios offers a variety of kids’ music classes to introduce your family to the joy of music, movement and learning. Here are some options for you to explore.

Kindermusik Classes

Song of the Heart Studios provides Kindermusik lessons for children birth to 7, as well as group piano, ukulele and voice lessons for children 7-11. The proven benefits of the Kindermusik approach are as diverse as they are significant. Focused on musical play, Kindermusik sets your child up for a lifetime of learning.

Kids Piano Lessons

Our Piano Club features a small group environment full of musical games and activities without the pressure to perform or conform. Together with friends, children develop skills and abilities that will serve them in every aspect of their learning lives while helping them develop a life-long love of music.

Kids Voice Lessons

Song of the Heart Studio’s Singing classes help children find their voice while training their ear, expanding their repertoire and giving them the chance to sing with new friends. Musicality and joy are encouraged and developed in these music classes.

Kids Ukulele Lessons

The fun that kids have in our ukulele music classes is off the charts. This accessible instrument is ideal for young and aspiring musicians who like singing and playing music with friends. These music lessons provide joy, create confidence and develop musicality.

Schedule Your Introductory Kids’ Music Class

Music plays a key role in all of our lives – but especially in the lives of children. We help you discover the many benefits music provides not only for your kids but for your entire family.

Visit an introductory Kindermusik class to see the magic at work. Choose from one of our two Utah music school locations, in Salt Lake City or South Jordan.

Contact us today to enroll your child in one of our kids music classes, to schedule an introductory class or to learn more about the power of musical learning.