Share the LOVE!

We just wrapped up one of our FAVORITE weeks here at Song of the Heart Studios: Share the Love Week! We love hearing what YOU love about Kindermusik and learning what your child loves most too.

Our classes this week were filled to the brim with FUN, PLAY, TOGETHERNESS, CONNECTION, JOY, FRIENDSHIP, and LOVE!

As we focused this week on building relationships and being present with each other, you shared with us some of the things that you and your children love about our music classes for kids. In your words . . .

  • We love the community and the friends we’ve made.
  • We love snuggling under the stars.
  • We love playing instruments, dancing, and listening to sounds. We also love the stars!
  • It’s fun to bond with my daughter. It’s engaging and sets a great foundation for her future.
  • We love the time to connect just mommy and daughter. We love learning patterns and different ways to communicate.
  • I love that the teachers are so friendly and knowledgable about what they teach the children.
  • I love the friendly, welcoming atmosphere and the care for each child.
  • I love the positive environment and the variety in each class.

THANK YOU for these beautiful words. We value knowing what YOU love about what we do, because then we know how to do it even better. Knowing what you love helps us give you more of what you are looking for in your family’s Kindermusik experience, making it more more full of CONNECTION, FAMILY, HEART, GROWTH, and JOY.