Music = Essential

It’s easy to think of music as an “extra” when it comes to child development, learning, and education. After all, it’s not reading, writing, or ‘rithmetic. Nor is it STEM, or whatever buzzword acronym we are using in education these days. Except we, as music educators, and you, parents who prioritize musical learning, know better.

Musical education is brain education. Musical development is whole child development. It’s not extraneous. It’s not a perk for privileged kids. It should be for every child, in every home, and in every school. Music teaches language skills, mathematical skills, team building skills, social skills, motor skills, cognitive skills, and on and on.

Unfortunately we don’t live in a world where music education is widely understood or appreciated or it it wouldn’t be on the chopping block at so many under funded schools.

Consider this: we are more than a year into this pandemic. Many early childhood programs have shut down nationwide. Opportunities for your babies and children to safely socialize are few and far between. And yet young developing brains NEED stimulation and enrichment. As we’ve all been hunkered down at home for the last year there is an entire generation of children whose brains aren’t getting the development they need.

This is why Kindermusik is the PERFECT program to prioritize right now. Studies have proven that music is the only stimulus that lights up the ENTIRE brain. Our curriculum is carefully crafted to boost development in all domains: cognitive, language, social, emotional, and physical (both fine and gross motor). As we foster supportive environments to explore music in a rich sensory environment, your child’s brain and body development can make up for lost time and some of these developmental gaps.

Covid babies have become wary of others as they haven’t been properly socialized. Kindermusik classes can help with that.

Covid babies have had more screen time as their parents have been coping with unprecedented stress. Kindermusik classes get children and parents off their screens and engaged with each other and with the music.

Covid babies haven’t been able to climb on playgrounds and use those gross motor muscles. Kindermusik activities can help with that.

Covid babies may have been limited to one environment and have lacked the sensory stimulation that comes with novel environments, textures, toys, manipulatives, people, and sounds. Kindermusik helps with that.

Covid children have unprecedented levels of anxiety at earlier ages. Musical activities release dopamine and oxytocin and suppresses cortisol in the blood stream. Kindermusik can help with your child’s emotional well being as well.

We are so glad to have you here as part of our Song of Heart tribe. We know that by continuing to prioritize your child’s early musical education that it will be hugely beneficial to their physical, brain, and social development. Let’s make up for lost time and SING and PLAY and DANCE and MAKE MUSIC.

Who doesn’t want THAT for their little one?