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How to access your class Level music

Your membership includes exclusive access to your class music through your Kindermusik Online Library and your app. Download the complimentary Kindermusik App at your app store.
Log into with the email address you used with us. Add a password. Enjoy streaming your class level music along with Kindermusik ebooks and fun activities.

2023-2024 Season Calendar

New enrollments are accepted any time in classes with room. 

Scheduled Breaks
Scheduled Breaks are built into our 42 week season and are not included in your tuition. They include the typical breaks that school districts take such as Thanksgiving, Winter Holidays and Spring Breaks. We follow the Salt Lake District calendar at our Sugarhouse location and the Jordan School District calendar at our South Jordan location. In an effort to keep things easy for our families, we also break for select holidays and peak travel times for families.

Scheduled Break Dates
September 4 Labor Day
Nov. 21-24 Tuesday through Friday – Thanksgiving. Monday classes in session on Nov. 20 at the Salt Lake Studio.
Dec. 20 through January 2 Holiday Break. All classes resume January 3, 2024.
Jan. 15 MLK Jr. Day (classes made up Thanksgiving week)
March 26 – 29 Spring Break for the South Jordan Studio. We follow the Jordan School District Calendar for this location.
April 1 – 5 Spring Break for the Salt Lake Studio. We follow the Salt Lake School District Calendar for this location.
May 27 – June 3 – Mid-season Break
June 3 Kindermusik Classes resume and specialty Summer Camps and classes begin.
July 1 – 5 Holiday Break
July 24 Pioneer Day
August 5 – 23 Scheduled Break

Making the Most of Your Kindermusik Experience

  • JOY This is the overriding theme at every Kindermusik class.
  • ARRIVE ON TIME We kindly ask that you make it a priority to arrive or log-in on time. In fact, plan on arriving a few minutes early. This gives you time to remove coats and shoes and settle into our musical environment. We know that life happens and occasionally you may be running late. If you arrive after class has started please slip in as unobtrusively and quietly as possible.
  • SHOES & SUCH Plan on wearing socks into the studio. Shoes can be left in the cubbies in the hallway. If you’d prefer to keep them with you, please bring a plastic bag to store them in and bring the bag into the studio with you. No food, drink (even water) or bottles are allowed in the studio classrooms.
  • PARENT/CHILD CONNECTION During class, the most important thing you can do for your child is to be an engaged and patient partner. Although our purpose is to build a warm Kindermusik community, we do ask that you please keep grown-up chat to a minimum. For optimum joy and growth your child needs and deserves your undivided attention. If you have a child in Level 3 or 4, please return ten minutes before the end of class. Wait in the lobby area and we will invite you into Sharing Time when we are ready.
  • PARTICIPATION What a child is learning in Kindermusik is often evidenced at home rather than to a certain level of participation during class. Often, a child attends for several weeks before feeling comfortable in the classroom setting. The understanding and consistency of the parent or caregiver both in class and at home are the keys to creating confidence and growth. Remember, children come in all ages, stages, and personality types. At Song of the Heart Studios we are understanding, accepting and supportive of ALL children and parents. Parents often tell us that they see a completely different child at home than in class. This is normal and to be expected. Some children are reticent and others become quite stimulated in a group setting. You may find that your child would prefer to sit quietly and watch or may want to be up and moving. Both are perfectly acceptable. If your child becomes distracted, upset, excited, or cannot focus on the activity, please don’t worry or feel pressure to push your child toward what you believe is a more acceptable way to participate. There is not a “certain way” to participate in our classes (for example – sitting still, sitting on your lap, and listening, singing, etc.) for him or her to show terrific growth. So please – relax, sing, and PLAY with your child both in the classroom and at home. Together you’ll find the best way for your family to connect and share the joy of Kindermusik while nurturing your beautiful family bond.
  • KINDERMUSIK at HOME Your family and child will benefit enormously from the use of the Kindermusik App which allows you to bring our award-winning music with you wherever you go. Listen, experience the activities, and read the ebooks. You’ll find that frequent use during the week will make a positive difference in your child’s comfort and participation in class. You’ll enjoy knowing the lyrics, too.

Good to Know

  • MAKE UP CLASSES As a courtesy to our Kindermusik families, we provide make-up classes for illness or travel. They are self-scheduled in classes with room at your discretion. To schedule, use our online make-up scheduler. Classes must be self-scheduled in advance through the scheduler and must be completed while currently enrolled and within the present season. There are no make-ups for missed Music Club classes or specialty camps and classes. We do not pro-rate or refund for student absences. Make-ups are not guaranteed as they are based on availability.
  • CANCELLED CLASSES Any classes cancelled due to educator illness or a snow event will be re-scheduled or make-up options will be offered. We follow the Salt Lake School District snow closure system. If they are open so are we. We will text/email our families and post any closures on our Facebook and Instagram pages. If school is in session and you don’t hear from us you can assume that we are holding classes.
  • CLASSROOM BEHAVIOR Kindermusik is a warm, welcoming, judgement-free zone where your child can learn about and practice his or her blossoming social skills. We do ask that you be cognizant of your child’s safety as well as the safety and enjoyment of other families. If your child exhibits a behavior such as running, screaming, or throwing an instrument please take a deep breath and then help your child to redirect his or her attention. If you need to step out of the classroom for a few minutes (we’ve all been there!) for a sweet hug and a quiet moment please do and return when your little one is ready to re-join class. Feel free to speak with your educator at anytime to request any support you may need.
  • SHOES, TOYS, PHONES, FOOD, BOTTLES No shoes, food, drink, or bottles are allowed in our classrooms as we strive to keep the environment clean. Please keep toys, pacifiers, drink cups, bottles, etc. out of sight. We ask that you kindly silence your cell phone and refrain from texting while you are in the Kindermusik classroom.
  • UN-ENROLLED SIBLINGS We are unable to accommodate un-enrolled siblings unless they are young enough to be content in a stroller or infant carrier. Please contact the office with any special needs or requests.
  • VISITORS Adult guests such as grandparents and your partner are welcome any time. If you would like to bring along a friend for an introductory class we are happy to accommodate them as long as there is room in your class. Please email a week in advance to schedule or have them schedule their introductory class by emailing or calling the studio office. Introductory classes are 15.00. We cannot accommodate walk-ins due to class size restrictions.

Enrollment and Tuition

  • CLASSES RUN YEAR ROUND and include 34 to 42 classes September through July. The studio is on hiatus during most of August. The monthly installment (regardless of number of classes per month) is an average of these 34 to 42 classes. Installments are automatically processed on the first of each month (except August) with the card we have on file for you. Families are invited to enroll any time and we will pro-rate the monthly installment. Payments more than ten days late will be assessed a 20.00 late fee. For payments over 20 days late classes will be suspended until fees are current.
  • ON-GOING ENROLLMENT When you join our studio your enrollment is on-going until you let us know us otherwise. Your child will Step UP through the various levels of our program when they are ready. If you need to withdraw you may do so at the end of a month. Kindly give us two weeks written notice. If notice is not given two weeks prior to the first of the month, the following month’s tuition will apply. Missed classes are neither prorated nor refundable. If there is an extenuating circumstance, please notify us and we’ll do our best to accommodate you. Cancellations are not accepted mid-month and class placement will not be held upon withdrawal. All make-ups must be completed while currently enrolled in classes. Make-ups are not available after withdrawal. A 30.00 Annual Membership fee is automatically applied to each family upon enrollment and/or annually on June 1.
  • SUMMER SEASON Our Little Learners (Foundations, Level 1 and Level 2 classes) run year round with an August hiatus. Our Little Music Makers (Level 3, 4 and 5 classes) run during the school year and have a separate 8 week Summer season. For families in our Foundations, Level 1 and Level 2 classes, installments are processed on the first of each month as usual. As a courtesy to our families in Foundations, Level 1 and Level w we offer make-ups for illness or travel during the Summer Season on a space available basis. Make-ups are not guaranteed. There are no make-ups in specialty camps or lessons for our Little Music Makers.
  • CLASS SCHEDULE & EDUCATOR ASSIGNMENTS are subject to change. A minimum of 5 children is required for a class to run. If a class is cancelled by Song of the Heart Studios for any reason, a full refund will be given.