A Song in Your Heart

Emotional Coaching

Co-Regulation. It’s a new buzzword in parenting circles these days. But what does it mean? First, it’s important to understand that emotional regulation cannot take place without an inner voice. Adults have their reactionary, automatic, lizard brain self. But we … Continue reading


This is where it all starts. The solution to all your parenting woes. The starting place to solving your relationship conflicts. The key to understanding and resolving your child’s behavioral problems. Whenever you or your child is struggling, go back … Continue reading


Welcome back! We are swinging into high gear here at Song of the Heart Studios! Our studio and hearts and hands are full as we transition into new schedules, new classes, new families, and new routines. We hope you had … Continue reading

Savoring Summer

Popsicles. Running through the sprinklers. Night games. Bathing suits and cut off jeans. Corn on the cob and watermelon. These are the most vivid memories for many adults as they reminisce about their childhood summers. The summers of childhood have … Continue reading

Summertime Singing

Summermusik is in full swing here at Song of the Heart Studios! Every day we sing, play, craft, dance, and build friendships. We make joyous music and movements as we imagine we are splashing in the water, hunting for bugs, … Continue reading

Summer Evening Listening Walk

The school year has wound down. The pleasant days of summer are here. The weather has heated up and the Covid cases are low and we can emerge from our wintery cocoons. It is the perfect time for a special … Continue reading

Congrats Grads!

It’s that time of year again! We are SO PROUD of our Kindermusik graduates. They have worked hard this year learning their instruments during a peculiar time. Some students learned online at home, others came to the classroom. It was … Continue reading

5 Ways to Stay Connected as Your Children Grow

A familiar scene: your toddler clings to you, unsure of this new Kindermusik classroom environment. Then they excitedly leave your arms to engage with the activities, only to return to you for reassurance. As you see your little one cling … Continue reading

Why Toddler Music Lessons Aren’t the Best Idea

Stressing about whether or not toddler music lessons are worth it? They’re not and here’s why… Have you ever heard “my son started playing piano at age 2,” or “my daughter picked up her first guitar when she was 3!” … Continue reading

You Are Welcome Here

Here at Song of the Heart Studios it is our mission to be the place where hearts sing and children flourish. We hold values that guide everything we do as we bring an exemplary Kindermusik experience to you and your … Continue reading