A Song in Your Heart

The Things They’ve Learned

About this time of year the JOY Team starts seeing the real fruits of their labors. We witness amazing growth in your children from last September to this Spring. We reflect back on their beginnings and are blown away by … Continue reading

Little Learners STEP UP to Little Music Makers

Did you know that the Kindermusik curriculum is a whole child development and musical education program designed for children from birth to age 7? Why? Because music education researchers and neuromusicologists have discovered that the biggest bang for your buck … Continue reading

Studio Values: JOY!

Our studio values, the pillars upon which we do everything, are joy, connection, growth, family, and heart. Let’s talk about JOY! Our first studio value, this one comes so easily with children. Give a child a safe environment where they … Continue reading

Studio Values: Growth

Kindermusik is a process oriented curriculum. We are not against performance for children per se, but our pedagogical philosophy is that process is more important than performance, at least for young children. It’s like in schools, when teachers can teach … Continue reading

Studio Values: Family

Our studio values are the foundational pillars we have built this studio on. They are joy, connection, family, growth, and heart. Let’s talk about FAMILY. The family is the foundational unit of society. Without functional families we don’t have a functional society. Children rely … Continue reading

Studio Values: Connection

Kindermusik at Song of the Heart Studios is SO MUCH more than just music classes for children. Parents come to us wanting to have fun with their kids. They are looking for an activity, or enrichment. Many parents come with … Continue reading

Studio Values: Heart

Here at Song of the Heart Studios we let our values guide us as we work to bring you meaningful and beneficial music classes. Our studio values are the core of everything we do, how we do it, and why … Continue reading

Holiday Music and Celebrating Diversity

The holiday season is a time when diverse cultures and traditions can come together, creating a beautiful tapestry of music and celebration. From Hanukkah songs, from Kwanzaa rhythms to Diwali melodies, there is a rich variety of musical traditions during … Continue reading

Melodies to Brighten Your Mood

As we have wrapped up our holiday season and have rolled into the new year, it can be very challenging for our mental health. Particularly here in the Salt Lake valley we have additional challenges coping with the inversion. Many … Continue reading

Music and Brain Integration

Music has a powerful impact on our brains, especially when it comes to brain integration. When we listen to music, it activates multiple areas of our brain simultaneously, leading to a more integrated and connected experience. Research suggests the music … Continue reading