A Song in Your Heart

Gathering Time

Every Kindermusik class begins before it begins. Let me explain. You enter the building, take off your shoes, lay down your bag, and enter your Kindermusik classroom. Your educator greets you with a song and smile and has thoughtfully laid out … Continue reading

Just Getting Started

Now that we are a few weeks into this new Kindermusik season, we hope you are having a delightful time singing and playing with your children in our sensory rich, supportive, and safe environment. If you drop your older child … Continue reading

In the Mean Time

We are so excited to reopen the studio! In a few days our Monday classes will return, and the week after for everyone else! Soon we’ll be back together singing, playing, and making musical memories. But in the mean time, … Continue reading

Kindermusik Activities at Home!

During our seasonal break from the studio, lots of your little ones will be missing their music class. It’s so easy to have a little Kindermusik at home! And I’m not even talking about the vast library on the Kindermusik … Continue reading

Summer Fun!

Our summer camps for our Little Music Makers are wrapping up this week and we have had a BLAST. Your kids have been pirates and adventurers, drummers, pianists, and more. Seeing the older children develop their musical skills through these … Continue reading

Freedom and Unity

Happy Independence Day! This year it feels a little different, doesn’t it? Freedom, individual liberty, the social contract, and patriotism have all become embroiled in controversy. We are a country that holds its history dear, and tries to live up … Continue reading

The Sounds of Summer and the Skill of Listening

Close your eyes and visualize. What comes to mind when you think of the sounds of summer? Some possibilities might include: Sprinklers running Lawn mowers rumbling Children playing Pool water splashing Birds chirping Ice clinking Ice cream truck music tinkling … Continue reading

Graduation and Goodbyes

This week our Level 3, 4, and 5 students have had their final classes. As our Little Learners continue classes throughout the summer, the Little Music Makers’ classes have wrapped up. It’s time to GRADUATE and time to say goodbye. … Continue reading

The Power of Singing to Kids

On one of our puppy’s first car rides, he began to whimper and tremble in distress. “Try singing to him,” suggested my 7-year-old. And so I began to hum “Baby Mine,” a lullaby I have sung to my children every … Continue reading

Sing Away the Stress

Ahh, Springtime. It’s finally here! The forsythia and daffodils are blooming. The weather is maddeningly unpredictable. We’re shrugging off the winter blues and producing more Vitamin D. You’d think it would be all sunshine and flowers . . . but … Continue reading