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Screen Time Can Boost Development in a COVID-Era World

  3 Ways Screen Time Boosts Development in a COVID-Era World For years, parents have been advised to limit screen time. We’re all aware of the limits suggested by organizations like the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), and families try … Continue reading

Healthy Helps in Tough Times

It’s that time of year when our schedules and routines are being renegotiated and shuffled around again. It’s exciting to anticipate back to school, back to Kindermusik, and transitions in our daily lives. But given the current state of the … Continue reading

Puppet Play!

Have you noticed the AMAZING collection of puppets we use at Song of the Heart? We find that puppets always add a splash of excitement and an extra layer of enjoyment during our classes. We often look for new and … Continue reading

Unstructured Play Boosts Learning

Pediatricians believe in free play as a fundamental healthy-child strategy. How important is it? Enough that the American Academy of Pediatrics dedicated an entire article discussing the “why’s” of play, the reasons it has become more rare in the lives … Continue reading

Music Making Brings Us Together

As cities all over the world shut down to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus, a new crop of videos emerged on the internet: Italians singing from their balconies, policemen in Spain playing guitar while on patrol and New … Continue reading

Thank You For The Music

During this time where we are more distant than we would like from our friends and loved ones, connection has become ever more important. Many of us are suffering from lack of connection from sources we used to rely upon. … Continue reading

The Urgency of Embracing Diversity in Early Childhood

By Sarah Farzam The first seven years of childhood development are the most critical, and set so many things in motion for the future. However, development extends far beyond literacy and motor skills. Early cognitive strides include some pretty deep … Continue reading

Music: A Bridge Over Cultural Divides

Frustration, anger, division, sorrow, shock, anguish. These are the things we are seeing in the news, in our social media, in our neighborhoods, in our families. To varying degrees we are all affected by current events and the social climate. … Continue reading

Celebration in a Time of Pandemic

We’ve ALL been working hard to maintain routine and normalcy during these decidedly not normal times. Things are uncertain, life has slowed down, but the responsibilities we have to our children remain. And our children’s accomplishments and milestones are still … Continue reading

The Power of Attention

What you pay attention to you get more of. We learn this from Conscious Discipline and behavioral studies. Positive attention to positive behaviors will give you more of those positive behaviors. Negative attention to negative behaviors will give you more … Continue reading