A Song in Your Heart

Fingers, Footsies, and Fun

We often have short activities in a class that we like to call “Fingerplay.” Fingerplays are short poems, verses, chants or stories that rhyme. The lyrics correspond to hand movements and pair the words with actions. Fingerplays and action rhymes … Continue reading

Listen, Listen, Listen, Shh!

Most Kindermusik classes include an Active Listening segment. Your educator sings a cue and asks you to rub your ears and to “Listen, listen, listen, shhh!” The act of physically rubbing the outer ear stimulates the reticular activating system. Big … Continue reading

Holiday Magic

We’re resting and resetting after the holiday rush. We hope that you have enjoyed your holiday, whatever and however you celebrate during this season. This time of year is replete with traditions across many cultures as so many holidays converge … Continue reading

We Like to Move it, Move it!

Movement activities in a Kindermusik class may take several forms. There are circle or line dances, guided by the educator. There are interpretive dances where we pretend to be an animal, a vehicle, or something more abstract like the wind. … Continue reading

Interesting Instruments

An obvious core element of any Kindermusik class is the Instrument Play. You will always find a delightful variety of simple instruments, usually percussion based. Percussion instruments are ideal for young children because they are so simple to play! They … Continue reading

Bouncin’ Babies!

First comes Brain Gym. Then comes Hello Song. Then comes the LAP BOUNCE. Every Little Learner’s class (those are our baby and toddler classes) has a lap bounce near the beginning. After our “activity to reduce stress” (Brain Gym) and … Continue reading


One of our favorite moments in a Kindermusik class is the Hello Song. It’s simple, it’s quick, and it is filled with JOY and CONNECTION.  Our Hello Songs are carefully written and structured to be MORE than just a “hello”. … Continue reading

Brain Gym

Stretch up to the stars . . . Let’s blow up our balloons! Tickle those brain buttons! Crossy, crossy . . . Double doodles! These simple exercises at the beginning of every Kindermusik class blow by quickly and are a … Continue reading

Gathering Time: A Good Beginning

Every Kindermusik class begins before it begins. Let me explain. You enter the building, take off your shoes, lay down your bag, and enter your Kindermusik classroom. Your educator greets you with a song and smile and has thoughtfully laid out … Continue reading

Just Getting Started

Now that we are a few weeks into this new Kindermusik season, we hope you are having a delightful time singing and playing with your children in our sensory rich, supportive, and safe environment. If you drop your older child … Continue reading