A Song in Your Heart

The Sounds of Summer and the Skill of Listening

Close your eyes and visualize. What comes to mind when you think of the sounds of summer? Some possibilities might include: Sprinklers running Lawn mowers rumbling Children playing Pool water splashing Birds chirping Ice clinking Ice cream truck music tinkling … Continue reading

Graduation and Goodbyes

This week our Level 3, 4, and 5 students have had their final classes. As our Little Learners continue classes throughout the summer, the Little Music Makers’ classes have wrapped up. It’s time to GRADUATE and time to say goodbye. … Continue reading

The Power of Singing to Kids

On one of our puppy’s first car rides, he began to whimper and tremble in distress. “Try singing to him,” suggested my 7-year-old. And so I began to hum “Baby Mine,” a lullaby I have sung to my children every … Continue reading

Sing Away the Stress

Ahh, Springtime. It’s finally here! The forsythia and daffodils are blooming. The weather is maddeningly unpredictable. We’re shrugging off the winter blues and producing more Vitamin D. You’d think it would be all sunshine and flowers . . . but … Continue reading

Neuroscience Nugget

One of our favorite child development gurus is Sarah Ockwell-Smith, a British author and parenting expert. She shares this “Neuroscience Nugget” with parents: If your toddler regularly listens to music, their prefrontal cortex and auditory cortex, the parts of the … Continue reading

This is Your Brain on Music

You’ve heard us say it in class after class: music is the only stimulus that lights up every area of the brain. Here’s a breakdown of your brain’s activity after the ear and auditory nerve has sent its signal: Rhythm  The … Continue reading

7 Benefits of Group Music Classes for Toddlers

Times are busy. Commitments are tough. So, what makes a music class for toddlers the right choice for your family? Research tells us learning that happens in the first three years of life is vital to early brain development. And … Continue reading

Music Matters

As we see school budgets being slashed, often one of the first things to get cut is music. This is unfortunate and will be to the detriment of students because music is not elective. Music is core. Music is one … Continue reading

Jingles: More than Commercials

Ice cold milk and an Oreo cookie. They forever go together; what a classic combination. You’re thinking about Oreos now, aren’t you? Maybe you’re experiencing either a positive association (“Oh, I like Oreos! I have a hankering for some Oreos.”) … Continue reading

Mamma Mia!

Here we go again . . . And once again we find ourselves pivoting to online school, mask mandates, and doing our best to protect our loved ones and our communities from this virus. But we have what we didn’t … Continue reading