Ready, Set, Sing!

Here at Song of the Heart Studios we are rested, prepped, and ready to begin our 26th season of bringing music into the lives and families of our community. During our summer hiatus we spend time resetting the studio and refreshing our props and instruments. Our educators rest their minds, bodies, and voices, and return ready to love your little ones. We spend time in professional development to make sure we are always bringing you the best in early childhood education.

Did you know that every member of our JOY team is fully accredited by Kindermusik International? Song of the Heart Studios is ranked in the top 3 studios in the country and the top 5 in the world! What does that mean for you? It means that you are getting the most educated professional team to benefit the development of your child. It means that you are picking a studio that has a deep understanding of early childhood development, pedagogical best practices, and a passion for the benefits of early music education. It means that in this day and age of endless choices of where to take your child you can be confident that you have chosen a place that will give your child the best start in life.

Research shows again and again the myriad benefits of shared musical experiences, music immersion, and formal musical education. It is wonderful to know that neurologists and neuromusicologists are giving us the data to support what we’ve known for decades: music is THE BEST developmental start to your child’s growth and life. It builds brains. It builds bodies. It builds language and makes social connections. It brings joy and decreases stress. It increases cooperation and curbs power struggles. It provides a foundation for future learning, preparing them for school, dance, sports, performing arts, academics, and so much more.

A child with a foundation of Kindermusik is more prepared for success in any other endeavors they take on once they are developmentally ready.

Are you ready for a new season filled with joy, connection, growth, and family? We are thrilled to welcome you back with open arms and a song in our hearts. Sing with you soon!