Studio Values: JOY!

Our studio values, the pillars upon which we do everything, are joy, connection, growth, family, and heart.

Let’s talk about JOY!

Our first studio value, this one comes so easily with children. Give a child a safe environment where they feel cared for and the joy naturally follows.

Did you know that you can actually manufacture joy in your life? You can hack your neurotransmitters, in a way, in order to produce more joy in your life.

When joy is felt there are naturally occurring chemicals released in the body. They are: dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin, and endorphins. When these hormones are present in the body your immune function receives a boost, stress and cortisol are reduced, and even pain is reduced. There are real physiological benefits to the experience of joy.

So how does this play into Kindermusik? There are several elements in a Kindermusik class that boosts our production of these feel-good hormones, or as we like to call it, “Joy Juice.”

Oxytocin is naturally released when we engage in safe physical touch. In our Little Learner classes this happens during our I Love You Rituals and our Cuddle Time. In our Little Music Makers classes it occurs during Sharing Time when you reconnect with your child and as we “breathe it all in . . . and love it all out.”

Serotonin production can be boosted when engaged in movement and socializing. Every Kindermusik class incorporates plenty of creative and free movement, and of course the whole experience is social as well.

Dopamine is released when you experience something pleasurable or fun. Anything you enjoy can trigger this part of the brain. Kindermusik is fun! Maybe your child loves the puppets the most. Or maybe you love watching them try a new instrument. Simply enjoying class on your own terms helps boost your mood.

Humans need joy, and in this stressful modern world, we need to look for it and indulge in it wherever and whenever we can. Kindermusik helps with that!

Did you know that we call our studio staff the “JOY Team?” We hope you and your child find joy at Song of the Heart Studios. Know that everyone on our JOY Team is honored to help boost your joy levels every week. We even get our own “joy juice” production up when we make music with you and your child each week. Win, win!