Studio Values: Growth

Kindermusik is a process oriented curriculum. We are not against performance for children per se, but our pedagogical philosophy is that process is more important than performance, at least for young children. It’s like in schools, when teachers can teach their subject vs when they teach to a test. Getting children to learn something is a different process than training them to perform a particular outcome.

This is why one of our guiding studio values is GROWTH. We want to encourage the development and growth of the entire child, not just train them to sing a particular song or play a particular instrument.

Kindermusik originated in Germany many decades ago when it was found that people were more successful in formal musical training if they first had early childhood experiences with music. Experiencing music as early as infancy and throughout early childhood was the key to success in later, formal instruction in music.

It was discovered that these early childhood musical experiences didn’t just benefit future musical study, but it benefited all major childhood developmental domains: social, emotional, physical, cognitive, and language. And these benefits have been shown to give an advantage to people throughout their lifespan.

That’s what we mean when we talk about the benefits of Kindermusik, and the growth you will see in your child. Through participation in Kindermusik your child will have a safe place to explore new movements, developing both fine and gross motor skills. They will have opportunity to make social connections, learn to share and to get along with others. Their entire brain will be firing and making connections. They’ll get practice in auditory processing and boost their language learning. All of this will take place in a nurturing environment that will promote emotional wellbeing through the release of feel-good hormones.

Music is the perfect vehicle for advantageous development. Plus it’s fun! Sometimes we get caught up in the enjoyment of it and forget the very real growth and development that is happening simultaneously.

What GROWTH have you seen in your child since they started Kindermusik?