Little Learners STEP UP to Little Music Makers

Did you know that the Kindermusik curriculum is a whole child development and musical education program designed for children from birth to age 7? Why? Because music education researchers and neuromusicologists have discovered that the biggest bang for your buck in terms of benefits from musical exposure and experiences occur during the first 7 years of life. Wow!

At Song of the Heart Studios we break down the years of curriculum into two main categories: the Little Learners and the Little Music Makers.

Little Learners

This categorization pertains to all our classes from birth through toddler years. That includes our Foundations classes, and our Level 1 and Level 2 classes. During these early developmental stages the focus is on musical exposure and musical experience. Little Learner classes include a parent or caregiver that acts as partner to each child, while your Joy Team educator facilitates rich activities for you to enjoy together.

We build rich sensory activities, engage in free and structured movement, practice active listening, and explore prop, puppets, and instruments galore.

During these years of the program your child will grow leaps and bounds as music boosts their brain development, their social development, their language development, their motor development, and more. Additionally our classes will prime your child’s brain and body for more structured musical learning, which occurs in the Little Music Makers classes.

Little Music Makers

Our Little Music Makers classes include Levels 3-4 for preschool aged kiddos, and the Kindermusik Musicians course for children ages 5-7. This is where the musical learning really starts to take off. These classes are the perfect companion to preschool, and will enhance your child’s development and learning and school-readiness like nothing else can.

In Little Music Makers classes the caregiver drops the child off for the bulk of the class, and reconnects with them at the end. This little bit of independence gives them confidence and readies them for other situations where they will be separated from their caregiver.

These classes employ musical games, instruments, storytelling, and imagination as a framework to teach musical concepts and skills. It is all done in a developmentally appropriate way that focuses on process over performance.

Your child will learn musical concepts and terminology, all while having fun and making new friends. And once they are ready for the capstone curriculum of Kindermusik Musicians, they will learn beginning instrument technique, note reading, rhythm reading, ensemble playing, and more.

This provides a comprehensive musical foundation so that when your child is developmentally ready to enter private instrument study, they will have a HUGE advantage over their non-Kindermusik counterparts.

Not to mention all this learning, while giving their musical fluency a head start, will pay dividends throughout their life. Early childhood music education literally decreases rates of cognitive decline we see in older adults. Kindermusik can actually lessen your child’s risk of one day developing dementia. Isn’t that incredible?

You are investing in the best foundation for your child’s entire life. And we are so happy to be a part of it!