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This summer, the Salt Lake Library’s reading program is titled “Dig Into Reading.”  What a great and affordable way to spend time with the kids.  You can find their calendar online here.

One thing I like to do is plan other simple activities (like reading specific books or making a special meal) around outings.  The concept was born during my perfectionism-as-a-mom state, but I have carried it through because I’ve really enjoyed the memories we make as a family.  I’ve just gotten better at simplifying — when I was hard on myself, nobody was having any fun.

So here are a few ideas based on some of our most successful family activities if you want to augment some of the city library calendar events.

The Magic Lantern: watch Aladdin, do a family service project (granting someone a wish), set up a low table on the carpet and eat dinner while sitting on pillows; find a child approved version of Arabian Nights to ready together.

Cowboy and Worm: Read Diary of a Worm or How to Eat Fried Worms; go fishing; introduce your kids to the magic of The Apple Dumpling Gang; make good old fashioned pork and beans for dinner.

Watch Beekeepers: make a delicious honey-based dessert (this simplified baklava recipe looks promising); find some online coloring pages that are honey and bee related; have a spelling bee.

Riverside Garden Storytime: Go on a hike; check out the butterfly exhibit at the Hogle Zoo (the ones that are pinned to the board – in the small animal building); spend some time weeding your garden (hah!) or maybe just plan a seedling; visit some public gardens (Temple Square is free, but Red Butte Garden is always a delightful place to visit, too!)

Don’t forget you can do the same for our Kindermusik studio summer programs!  In face, one of the favorite themes ever I build around our Kindermusik Summer Camp.  Check back next time for some ways to splash in the water, spend a busy day, sing with the opera, enjoy the music of Latin America or pretend to be royalty!

Do any of these spark your own ideas?  Please share!

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