Studio Service Project

“The best things to do with the best things in life
is to give them away.” – Dorothy Day

One of our joys during the holiday season is our Song of the Heart Studios service project. We call it Wear a Pair – Share a Pair and we gather new children’s pajamas to donate to those in need.

We invite our beautiful students to wear a pair and bring a new pair (or more!) of children’s pajamas to share the week before Thanksgiving. Sometimes even the delightful grown-ups wear a pair, too.

Why? Because pajamas are cozy and warm. Because they make us feel safe and comfortable and at home. Because pajamas are one of the best things in life. Because somewhere, right here in our valley, there are little ones who aren’t cozy and warm. Who aren’t safe and comfortable and at home.  

There is nothing better than seeing one of our wonderful Kindermusik kids skipping down the back hall into the studio and placing a new pair of jammies into our pajama collection bin. That’s a simple joy that makes our hearts swell and their hearts sing. Comfort. Coziness. Safety. Home. EVERY child deserves them. 

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