Striving for Normalcy: Kindermusik at Home

How are you? Are you going stir-crazy? Are you feeling anxious? Are you having trouble managing the physical, social, and emotional needs of yourself and your family?

We get it. We’re feeling the same way! All our normal routines are interrupted and we are mostly stuck at home, unable to socialize and go to our regularly scheduled events. This is challenging for everyone, but as adults we at least have the executive functioning skills to help us cope. Our children don’t have the same advantage! They look to us for calm and a sense of normalcy.

At Song of the Heart Studios we want to stay in contact with you and your children to help aide in providing a sense of routine during these uncertain days ahead. The JOY Team has been working behind the scenes, preparing some special musical treats for your children to enjoy at home, so they can remain connected to their educator and to the routines that going to Kindermusik class brings them.

Here are some resources you can use and look forward to:


These activities, videos, and stories have always been available to you. They are included with your class. Every time we start a new unit in class, we push out new online materials to your Kindermusik account. Many of you have utilized these already, but many of our Heart-y families have not! Now is the perfect time to start.

Log in to and find your current or past units. There are delightful activities you can do at home with your little one, to keep the Kindermusik experience going. Crafts, printables, short videos, dance-alongs, and other activities professionally developed to supplement the music and lessons you receive in class. Most families who look at them for the first time are pleasantly surprised at their quality and how much they enjoy them. Give them a try!


We have spent this last week preparing mini-classes and filming them to post on our Youtube channel. You and your child will be able to see YOUR educator teaching your current curriculum. You can pull the video up on your phone or tablet or laptop, get down on the floor with your little, and have class right at home.

You child will LOVE these videos. Each member of our JOY Team has brought their personal magic to the screen to keep your child connected to them and to the music. Complete with Hello Song and goodbye ritual, we’ll keep class going the best we can.

Besides watching your educator’s mini-class, you can watch the other educator’s videos and see what they have to offer. Each educator is unique and brings a special feeling to the Kindermusik experience. You can get a taste of what the next level is like, so you can know what your child will experience as you move up through the Little Learners and Little Music Makers levels.

In addition to mini-class videos, we have special Story Time videos for your family. These eleven (yep, eleven!) delightful videos will add just another option and layer of connection for you and your little one.

Please note that these videos are for currently enrolled families and you can find the links in the Weekly Reader.


This one is still in the construction mode, but please follow our Facebook Page and join our new, private Facebook Group so that we can host live events with your educator. Your child could see their member of the JOY Team live online. Wouldn’t that be fun? Moving forward we plan on adding more videos with instrument demonstrations and maybe even Conscious Discipline training for you parents! We know you’re stressed and your personal resources are thin. We want to impart the wisdom of Conscious Discipline to you to help you augment the personal skills you need to cope during this trying time.


Please use these resources to stay connected to Song of the Heart and our Heart-y Tribe. We hope you and your family are doing well during this challenging time. We hope that you are finding moments of joy and connection each day. May your hearts and bodies be safe. May your homes be a haven. May your minds be calm. May you find presence and peace. And as always, we wish you well.

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