Spring Sing

Our annual Spring Sing brought joy, laughter, and lots and lots of singing to the studio this week!

Voice teacher, Lana Burke, brought a singing masterclass to our Kindergarten and 1st grade students. She taught them about posture, breath, warming up the voice, Solfege, and more. She made them giggle and oh, how she got them singing!

When she finished her presentation she asked if there were any questions. A beautiful little hand rose up in the back of the room and a quiet, high voice asked, “Why is music so important?” SUCH a profound question from such a young child. I couldn’t wait to hear Ms. Lana’s answer. But in the way of a master teacher, Ms. Lana immediately asked the group why they felt music was so important. Another beautiful little hand rose up and a louder voice answered, “Well, if we didn’t have music then life would be grey and dark.” WHAT? Both of these kids are in Kindergarten yet they KNOW that music is meaningful, important, and profoundly influences their young lives. I smiled through my happy tears and immediately thought of this quote from Plato.

This is why I teach Kindermusik. I know that’s why Ms. Lana teaches music, too. Because music is the most important vehicle for education. Yes, I could show you the research and bore you with the science (which is really very fascinating) but I don’t need to do that.

Today, two beautiful, musical little souls reminded us that music is important because without it life would be dark. Let’s spread the light. #kindermusikhelpswiththat

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