Sing & Sway Your Summer Away!

Our Summer Adventures are now ready for enrollment. We have summertime adventures for babies, toddlers, big kids and families. Camps are a great time to strengthen your bond, try something new, sing and play together as well as meet new friends. Our families will often hang out together after class upstairs at the coffee shop or head down the street to Stratford Park — just one building away from the Song of the Heart Studios. Our educator team thinks the longer and more laid back summer classes are a blast – but don’t let the laid back atmosphere fool you – Summer Adventures are definitely Kindermusik kicked up a notch! This summer our little friends will Splash in the pretend water and fly Up in the Sky with their grown-ups. Did you know we have all kinds of grown-ups who come to camp with their little cuties? Moms, dads, grandmas and grandpas, aunts and uncles, and nannies, too. It’s a pleasure to see the big folk turn into little folk when the music begins. We see lots of giggles, dancing, singing and smiling. The perfect summer treat! The big kiddos – they get to come to drop-off camp – will learn about Mozart and his Opera, “The Magic Flute,” or come to instrument making camp where we make some amazing South American instruments. If they want to spend the day they can bring a lunch, eat together, and experience both camps. Oh, did I mention we’re inviting royalty, too? Little Princes and Princesses will imagine and pretend as they hone their social, crafting and musical skills. Check out our schedule and see what works for your family. Mix and match your camps and then get ready to head off on your musical adventure where the joy and power of music make those summer days just a little more delightful.

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