Ready, Set, SING!

Here at Song of the Heart Studios we never stop working our hearts out to bring you the best educational musical experience for your children. Summermusik may be over, but we have been working behind the scenes to get ready for you to come back to us!

We’ve been planning all the fun and engaging events we will bring to you throughout the year.

We’ve been honing our skills to make sure we bring you the most talented and loving and skillful educators you could find anywhere.

We’ve been brushing up on our child development fluency to be able to communicate during class the benefits that are happening as they are happening.

We’ve been learning the best loving and gentle discipline practices and hope to impart them to you to help you at home in your parenting challenges.

We’ve been coordinating as a Joy Team to make sure our classes are both consistent yet distinct from teacher to teacher, from level to level, and from location to location.

Our commitment to you is that no matter what class you bring your child to, if you are in a new level, or if you are with a new educator, you will LOVE your experience. Not only are our classes jam-packed with JOY, CONNECTION, FAMILY, GROWTH, AND HEART, but you can rest assured that behind all of that fun is the invisible and crucial work of optimal whole-child development.

Kindermusik does ALL THAT. Who wouldn’t want THAT for their little one?

Can’t wait to see you. Monday classes start August 27th. All other classes start after Labor Day. Haven’t reserved your spot yet? See what’s available.

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