PlayDates With a Purpose

Oh, how we LOVE our PlayDates with a Purpose. We are finding that children and Grand-Friends are the perfect combination for joy. We partner with Beehive Homes to bring this multi-generational class together to sing and laugh and share.

Today, after our Halloween PlayDate at Beehive Homes, one of the dear ladies stayed to talk. She shared that some of the residents don’t attend activities but when the Kindermusik kids come they make their way to the beautiful living room and sing, sway, laugh and play with us. She pointed out a particular Grand-friend who rarely interacts with others but who, today, laughed and shook her shakers and tossed a ball back and forth with a new friend. She was thrilled to see this woman come out of her shell and said she couldn’t wait to have us back again next month.

We adore the Kindermusik families who want to not only share their hugs and smiles but introduce their kids to the joy of friends of every age. We feel so lucky to be a part of this gift. You can join us here  and you can learn more about what we do in the video below. Get out your tissues!

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