Making the Most of Summer Camp, part 3

Making the Most of Kindermusik Summer Camp, part 3

Oooh, summer is getting closer!  I am equal parts thrilled that I don’t have to get up early to get anyone to school and terrified of the inevitable sibling spats that happen with the kids.  Fortunately, you all have me to do the legwork of creating some ways to extend our Kindermusik summer camps into some longer activities to keep the kids busy, giving them some structure on your terms.  Here we are with part 3! (Check out parts 1 and 2)

Drums, Drums, Drums!

Be sure to check out the @Home materials for sure with this unit.  In addition to a great video, there are some fun rhythm activities right at your finger tips.

This camp focuses on rhythms and drumming.  Outside of class, you might spend some time investigating a little about each country mentioned in the book we use.

Go here to learn how to make Malian mud cloth.  The author has some great background information, a link to making a virtual mud cloth (as she says, “for the mud-averse,”) (but really, what kid doesn’t like playing in mud?) and directions for this kid-friendly activity.

Time for Kids has a fun virtual sightseeing trip to Nigeria here.

Antonio Sacre, storyteller, shares an amazing perspective about trying to find his roots in Cuba.  It may or may not be interesting for your kids, but it certainly is worth your while.

For something a little more kid-friendly and still Cuban-centered, introduce you children to Celia Cruz, the Queen of Salsa, singing the numbers in Spanish on Sesame Street:


Teach your kids the most traditional and well-known dance from Trinidad and Tobago: the limbo


And while you’re at it, check out the world-record holder: [youtube][/youtube]

By the way, when it comes to steel drums, I always think of the Classic Sesame Street clip about turning a drum into an instrument.


Being a child of the 70’s brings with it the amazing gift that was the Children’s Television Workshop.

Enrolled in Pirate Camp?  Check back next week!

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