Kindermusik Creates Connection

Anything that promotes connection among families is right up our alley. Connection creates cooperation (we could all use a little more of that) AND it creates closer families. Music activities do this in such a beautiful and natural way.
Whether you’re new to Song of the Heart Studios, or whether Kindermusik has been a cherished part of your family life for years, here are four ways to help your child CONNECT with their Kindermusik experience.

1. CONNECT with your delightful class music. Stream your music, blue tooth it in the car, down load it and listen, sing, and dance. You’ll find all your songs in your Parent Guide at
2. Name the friends you’ll see (or know) at class. One of the best things about Kindermusik is the CONNECTION you will make with loads of new friends.
3. Talk about being in class. This is a lovely way to help your child begin to CONNECT with your teacher. Talk about listening, following directions, and being kind to friends. Life skills are being developed right alongside our music skills.
4. Ask your child about his/her favorite Kindermusik activity. Talking about favorite activities helps reinforce your child’s love of music, gives you a chance to CONNECT and ingrains beautiful memories of your time together at the studio. – compiled from Minds on Music, Kindermusik International

Our Young Child Year 2 students love their dulcimers! We are CONNECTING with new friends AND a new instrument.

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