Thanks & Giving

Whether you celebrate Thanksgiving or not, it is a wonderful time to year to practice gratitude and charity. We have been overwhelmed with the generosity of our “Heart-tie” families and all the pajamas and books that you have donated. We look forward to taking those to the Candy Cane Corner so they can be distributed to children in need.

We look around at world events today and are humbled by the tragedy and loss we see. There is so much suffering and violence. It is easy to feel impotent. It is easy to feel despair for our lack of ability to do anything meaningful. And so we lift where we stand. We bloom where we are planted. Donating to needy children within our own community is one way we do that.

Another way we try to make a change in the world is through the way we raise our children. As we strive to raise a new generation of humans with compassion, empathy, understanding, and safety, we can have a powerful impact on the future trajectory of the world. As we break cycles of generational trauma and dysfunction, we can help heal humanity one person at a time. That is EXACTLY what our mission is here at Song of the Heart Studios.

Did you know our studio has a mission statement? It is is to create a movement. A movement where childhood is honored, families are strengthened, minds are nourished, creativity is encouraged, community deepens, and hearts are filled with joy. To be the place where hearts sing, eyes shine, and children flourish.

It is a lofty goal and one we can build one class at a time, one family at a time, one child at a time. Thank you in participating in that mission. We wish you well.