Swingin’ Summermusik

Summermusik is in full swing here at Song of the Heart Studios! Every day we sing, play, craft, dance, and build friendships. We make joyful sounds and movements as we imagine we are on a beach, or go hunting for bugs in a garden. Some of our Kindermusik kids are learning to explore the keyboard, the ukulele, or are flexing their imagination muscles.

Our summer classes and camps are like our regular Kindermusik classes, but EXTRA. Extra fun. Extra joy. They are a great way to maintain routine and ritual throughout the chaotic summer months, which is so important for children to feel grounded in their lives and to give them the predictability they need to feel secure. They don’t even realize the benefits of routine that come when they are having so much fun, but their caregivers sure do.

Child development experts and parents alike know that children thrive under routine and ritual. Many kids can struggle with the topsy turvy nature of a family’s summer schedule, and it can manifest in their behavior. With increased flexibility and so many options to choose from, our Summermusik offerings are the perfect way to maintain that sense of routine while dashing from vacation to reunion to camping trip to backyard barbecue. And every class is jam-packed with moments of joy, connection, and learning, with an added punch of whimsy.

You can take the Kindermusik summer fun into your home and on your family vacation. Don’t forget to pack your Kindermusik cds for your road trip, or sing one of the beach songs you’ve learned while giving your little one a bath.

What’s your favorite part of Summermusik?

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