Summermusik = Summer Magic

We are in full Summermusik swing, and it is pure magic!

We are proud of how our wonderful educators create magic each week in class. They work hard every week to perfect their lessons and to bring the most joyful learning activities to your children. They are so fun and filled with delight your children don’t even realize they are learning and building skills!

And while our educators bring the magic, it wouldn’t be complete without YOU. It is your commitment to bringing your children to their music class that makes our studio tick. As you invest in this experience for them, it will pay dividents for well beyond the time you spend in class. We are in the business of building better brains, and your child will benefit from that for their entire lifespan.

Experts have found that the most “bang for your buck” when it comes to the benefits of music and its affects on the brain occurs between the ages of 0-7. Yes, that’s right. From birth until 7 years old is the time the brain can get the most benefit from musical study. And that benefit can be measured later in life as they can excel in school, learn to solve increasingly complex problems, work collaboratively in their adult life, and even as their risk of dementia decreases in later life. Isn’t that incredible?

While musical study gives the most brain benefits when experienced early in life, those benefits are available at any time, to any person, at any age. It is never too late to study music or learn an instrument. So if you are concerned about your own brain, pick up your old school instrument. If you are worried about your aging parents, encourage them to join a community choir and stave off the effects of cognitive decline.

Caretakers of young children are pulled in a million directions. There are so many demands on your time that you have to really understand the value of music classes in order to invest the time and money into them. Our objective is to communicate those benefits and that value to you during our classes, through this blog, and in our weekly newsletter. There are so many resources available there to support you in your parenting journey.

So keep on coming back so we can keep giving you more! More music, more laughter, more joy, more learning, more development, and more benefits. Isn’t music just like magic?