Studio Values: Heart

Here at Song of the Heart Studios we let our values guide us as we work to bring you meaningful and beneficial music classes. Our studio values are the core of everything we do, how we do it, and why we do it.

Our studio values are: heart, connection, joy, growth, and family.


It’s right there, in our name: Kindermusik at Song of the Heart Studios. We want you to have a song in your heart after leaving our studio, but it’s more than that. We want to fill your hearts up with positive experiences and joyful memories.

Keeping our value of HEART in mind guides what we do as a studio. We put passion and care into everything we do. We endeavor to treat our Heart-y families with kindness and attention. We prioritize our relationships with you and your children. We want to create a warm and welcoming environment that you and your child will love coming back to.

Holding HEART as a value means we prioritize kindness, compassion, and empathy in our interactions with your children and with you. We believe in treating people with care and understanding. We believe that ALL people, regardless of their differences, have a place here.

We believe in having and modeling empathy. It is why we “wish well” at the end of every Kindermusik class and put each other in our hearts. Empathy helps to build strong and meaningful relationships. It allows us to connect and understand with others on a deeper level, fostering trust and mutual respect.

Empathy promotes better communication and helps us listen and seek to understand different perspectives. It can lead to problem solving and conflict resolution, as we are able to consider and address the needs and feelings of others.

Ultimately, holding HEART as a value creates a more compassionate and supportive community within our studio, where everyone feels valued and safe. As we exhibit these traits we model for our children how they can also build positive relationships with others, solve conflict, and develop understanding. It’s a crucial part of learning to get along in this world, and we love watching your children gain these skills as they progress through the Kindermusik program.

Remember: together or apart, you are always in our HEART.