Studio Values: Connection

Kindermusik at Song of the Heart Studios is SO MUCH more than just music classes for children.

Parents come to us wanting to have fun with their kids. They are looking for an activity, or enrichment. Many parents come with the goal of quality, developmentally appropriate, formal music instruction.

And yes! We provide all of that. But there’s more.

Many parents come to Kindermusik not knowing much about it, but come away from class with a better understanding of their child. Perhaps they gain insights into child development. Sometimes they walk away with parenting tips and tools for self and co-regulation.

Other times parents leave class just feeling good! And that’s all down to the CONNECTION they feel.

CONNECTION is one of our guiding studio values. It’s a core tenet of what we believe and why we do what we do.

Our goal is to build connection between you and your child, between your child and their educator, between children, and between caregivers. We want to create a community where you can come and feel safe and like you belong. Because you do!

Humanity needs connection more now than ever before. We are divided by ideologies, politics, borders, and more. Social media has been a great tool of connection for some but also, ironically, a tool that has disconnected many others from true community, as they grow addicted to the technology.

Covid further separated us, and now, four years on, we are only beginning to understand the costs to all of us, and our children, from that social isolation. There is simply no replacement for in-person, uplifting, joyful human connection.

And that’s what we bring to you. Thanks for being here!