So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Wish Well!

We’ve sung, we’ve danced, we’ve explored, we’ve imagined, we’ve played, and we’ve snuggled. Now it is time to say goodbye.

But this is Kindermusik. We don’t say goodbye. We SING goodbye.

Each level of Kindermusik has a different goodbye song, appropriate in complexity to the developmental range of the children. Read these simple, yet beautiful, goodbye lyrics.

Foundations: “Goodbye babies, goodbye grownups. Goodbye everyone, it’s time to sing goodbye.” This song is so simple, with gentle repetition — perfect for very young babies in their pre-language learning phase.

Level 1: “Farewell, my friends, until next time, let’s wave goodbye. Farewell, my friends, until next time let’s wave goodbye today.”

For older babies who understand more language and are starting to vocalize, this song is slightly more complex yet still highly repetitive. It involves waving which is the typical developmental way a child this age can express goodbye.

Level 2: “Goodbye, *goodbye* (echo), Goodbye, *goodbye* . . . it’s time to wave goodbye to our friends. . . .”

This simple song teaches toddlers to begin singing back as the educator models a simple “my turn, your turn” method to learning pitch recognition. For you music theory enthusiasts, you will recognize it as the descending minor third, an interval found almost universally across cultures in childhood folks songs and school-yard taunts.

Levels 3 & 4: “Everybody wave and sing goodbye . . . sing goodbye goodbye.”

This song continues to challenge the children as they develop language and musical skills with more participation, more singing, and an uptempo melody.

Level 5: “Fare thee well, fondly, my good friends. Fare thee well now ’till we meet again. Think of me fondly, my good friends. Farewell, for now, farewell.”

The most complex or our goodbye songs for our oldest musical makers, this song challenges their singing skills and continues to promote the socialization and bonding of the group that they’ve been learning all throughout the years.

Wish Well: To cap off our classes we like to wish each other well. This is a brief but sweet moment when we can make eye contact, think of the other people in our class, hold them in our hearts, and express empathy for them. This idea is inspired by the Wish Well Ritual from Conscious Discipline that offers a way to help someone by sending them calming, supportive, loving energy, when physical help is not an option. It teaches children empathy through modeling and provides them an opportunity to think of others.

Studies have shown developing empathy allows for building social connections, regulation of one’s own emotions, co-regulation of another’s emotions, and promotes other positive social behaviors. In this modern divisive world, we could all use a little more empathy. That is, in part, what Kindermusik is all about. And one of the reasons why we are Song of the HEART studios.

And with that . . . together, or apart, you are always in our heart. We wish you well!