Sharing and Showing: It’s All About Connection

Some caregivers are hesitant to let their child step up from Little Learners to Little Music Makers. We get it! You don’t want to miss out on the beautiful experience you have with your little one in class each week. You can to continue to be their partner and witness the joy they express at Kindermusik. But have no fear! Our drop-off classes still provide opportunity for you to partner and connect with your child.

The last few minutes of every Little Music Makers class, that’s Levels 3-5, include Sharing Time. This is when you join your child in class to learn about what they did that day. Every sharing time begins with some physical touch, eye contact, and an expression of gratitude from your child to you. This sets the tone for reconnection after your hour apart.

Then your child gets to show off a little to you about what they learned and what skill they developed. Not only do you get to hear about what musical concepts and vocabulary they learned, not only do you get to see and listen to the new instrument they explored, but you also get to share in a “connection activity.”

This is a carefully chosen activity specifically designed to promote connection and bonding between you and your little music maker. It might be an instrument play. It might be a creative movement activity. It might be witnessing your child’s mini-performance of a new  poem or song. It is a chance for you to validate them, show them your enthusiasm for their music learning journey, and to joyfully connect with them.

Sometimes, however, Sharing Time can be a moment of stress for parent and child. Your little music maker has learned routines and expectations and behaved beautifully in class. Your child’s educator is a master at classroom management, understanding that all behavior is communication, and can skillfully redirect any challenging behaviors your child might exhibit during class.

And then you enter the room and suddenly your child might be crawling up the walls, refusing to focus, and is disruptive to the rest of the class. Have no fear! This is normal for some children. The transition from the leadership of their educator to the return to their parent can be jarring and some children don’t yet have the skill to handle that transfer calmly.

If that is your child, just be patient. Trust the process. Talk to them before class about your expectations for when you enter the studio. Tell them beforehand that even though you’re there to watch them and pick them up, you still want them to listen to their teacher for a few more minutes. It will take some children more time than others to learn how to handle this transition gracefully. Some will take a few weeks. Some might take all year. But that’s what this process is all about: growth. 

So next time you come to Sharing Time, prepare to breathe it all in . . . and love it all out. Connect, witness the growth of your child, and share together in the joy of music making.