Share the LOVE!

We just wrapped up one of our FAVORITE weeks here at Song of the Heart Studios: Share the Love Week! We love hearing what YOU love about Kindermusik and learning what your child loves most too.

Our classes this week were filled to the brim with FUN, PLAY, TOGETHERNESS, CONNECTION, JOY, FRIENDSHIP, and LOVE!

As early childhood music educators we spend so much of our professional brains making sure our activities are developmentally appropriate, research-based, and delivered with pedagogical best-practices. We are always striving to be better educators, to be well-versed in the ongoing research of child development, brain development, musical pedagogy, classroom management, etc. When you come to class and your educator facilitates a beautiful experience, there is SO MUCH going on behind the scenes in her brain, her preparation, her planning, her training, and more. We normally avoid coasting on our experience and are always striving for our own professional growth.

But on Share the Love Week? We rest back on our laurels a bit and just soak in the joy. Our objective this week is to give you the maximum dopamine hit with the most playful and delightful class.

Here are some beautiful things that YOU, our Kindermusik Grown-ups, love about Kindermusik:

  • “I love that it’s a safe, nurturing place.”
  • “I love how Kindermusik encourages connection and bonding between the child and parent. I love the gentle methods used to teach children.”
  • “We found a safe place to have fun, learn and meet the nicest people. We can’t wait every week to see each other!”
  • “Socialization. Learning words and movements. Sharing with others. Learning patterns in setup of class. Seeing her anticipate what is next. Connection and uninterrupted moments with each kid during class. Cleaning up & letting go of toys. I Love You Ritual! We use the songs at home to calm and connect.”
  • “I love making connections with other parents.”
  • “We love the playfulness, especially the bubbles and the balls!”
  • “We love the Kindermusik instructors! We also love using the music from class at home for our transitions & connections.”

THANK YOU for these beautiful words. We love to know what YOU love about what we do, because then we know how to do it even better. Knowing what you love helps us give you more of what you are looking for in your family’s Kindermusik experience, making it more more full of CONNECTION, FAMILY, HEART, GROWTH, and JOY.