Savoring Summer

Popsicles. Running through the sprinklers. Night games. Bathing suits and cut off jeans. Corn on the cob and watermelon. These are the most vivid memories for many adults as they reminisce about their childhood summers.

The summers of childhood have changed dramatically in the last generation. More and more children today spend their summers addicted to screens and computer games. Particularly in this era of Covid we rely on technology more than ever. It’s such a double edged sword as we are the first generation of parents raising children in a digitally dominant world. It’s easy to fall into the convenience of technology and forget to connect with nature and get ourselves and our children outdoors.

Now our long summer days are shortening incrementally with every sunset. The oppressive heat is starting to abate ever so slightly. The bad wildfire caused air quality is improving day by day. The back to school supplies hit the stores weeks ago. Our joy-packed Summermusik camps and classes have wrapped up. Many of us have spent our summer rushing from one activity to the next.

And while we may be looking forward to routines and cooler temperatures, we still have a little time to indulge our senses and renew our minds. Perhaps we can eek a bit more summer out of the next couple of weeks.

So go out into your backyard with fresh eyes. Hunt for the nectar gathering bees. Take your little one by the hand and run through the sprinkler. Take your shoes off and let the sensory input of the dirt, sand, and grass ground you.

Our Fall classes will be here before you know it. Reserve your spot if you haven’t yet in one of our two locations (South Jordan reopening for Fall 2021! Yay!) and rest easy in the final days of the season. Find a moment to breathe it all in, and love it all out.

Thank you for spending part of your summer with us. We loved every minute of it. We wish you well.