Pretty Playful Props

Kindermusik is so much more than music. Hopefully you understand that now. It’s about whole child development. And as such, we do more than just musical activities. Yes, music is generally a part of every activity, but it isn’t necessarily the focus.

Enter Prop Plays. Exploring new instruments is wonderful! But there’s so many other things to explore. Depending on the theme of your current curriculum unit you will find a plethora of props that your educator may bring out for your children to enjoy.

Barnyard theme? Enter PUPPETS galore. And maybe a farmer’s hat.

Weather theme? Rainsticks. A scarf makes an impromptu umbrella. A bowl makes a rain hat.

Transportation theme? Toy cars, airplanes, busses, bike horn, bike bell, and car keys.

This list goes on. 

Every prop is meant to spark your child’s imagination. It’s to help them make connections with the theme and put the unit’s music into context. And as your child interacts with the prop, there is a LOT going on developmentally. They are engaging their innate interpretation. They are employing decision making skills, as they decide how to play with it and how to use it. They are scaffolding skills, as you help them build upon what they are doing and taking things to the next level. They are using observation skills as they watch how others use the prop, and learn from watching and copying. 

Some props are pretty specific, like puppets and vehicles. Other props are more open ended.

Our beautiful rainbow-colored scarves? Well it can be a horse’s tail. It can be the wind. It can be a blanket. 

Our hoops? They can be a tunnel, a steering wheel, a cave, a hole, or a puddle. 

A child’s creativity is boundless and needs fostering. As we age we often lose touch with our creativity and imagination, so it’s important for children to be supported in this exploration. And it’s good for you too! As an adult caregiver, it’s good and even healing for you to tap into your inner child and remember the wonder of your imagination. So play on!