Music Stroll!

Here at Song of the Heart Studios we are always talking about CONNECTION. It is one of our core values that informs everything we do here. Music has a unique power to build connection through shared experiences and stimulating the release of feel-good hormones. We know that connection is crucial for a person’s well-being throughout their lifespan.

It starts here with Kindermusik. We give your child a musical foundation through developmentally appropriate classes that enhances your bond with them. It is our heart’s desire that this foundation will be built upon throughout their lives: formal instrument training after they graduate from Kindermusik; school, church or community choir; Battle of the Bands in high school and college; live concerts, both classical, instrumental, choral, folk, pop, and rock.

No matter the genre or the instrument, the key is MUSIC. Music is the great unifier. Music is the great communicator. Music is the great bonder. Music is the stuff of life and contentment. Music has been PROVEN to increase quality of life.

Nobody knows this better than the amazing folks at Heart & Soul, whose mission it has been for the last 25 years to simply make the world less lonely through music. They provide free live concerts for isolated populations to build connection and help heal their hearts. They go into convalescent homes, prisons, psychiatric facilities, domestic abuse shelters, and more.

Every year they put on a free community event, the Heart & Soul Music Stroll, right here in our own studio’s neighborhood. We once again had the opportunity to participate in this beautiful event and go out into the community and share the magic of Kindermusik. We shared instruments and musical play in the park just down the street from our studio. We saw many of you there! Did you stroll the beautiful tree-lined streets and enjoy some live music? Did you grab a tasty treat at a lemonade stand or food truck? Did you come and say hello to Ms. Carol? Did you see your teacher there?


Heart & Soul’s mission aligns with our own and we love to support them and share in their work. We can’t wait to do it again next year!


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