Music Matters

Right now, with everything happening in the country, we’ve all had to reprioritize our lives. We’ve had to let go of many things. Some have been hard sacrifices, and other things have been a relief. In truth, keeping Song of the Heart Studios open to serve you has been a mountain to climb and a labor of love. But we believe so much that music matters that we have to keep going.

There have been times when we have wanted to give up as we’ve tried to meet the challenges of continuing in a post-Covid world. Many Kindermusik studios across the country have unfortunately had to close their doors. But we just couldn’t. Our love for you and our belief in our mission has given us the motivation to continue on. 

Here at Song of the Heart we deeply believe in these facts:

  1. Early childhood education is the key to changing the world, both on a micro and a macro level. Society’s ills could be cured in a generation or two if each child was honored, nurtured, and allowed to grow in a developmentally appropriate way. 
  2. Music is the only stimulus that lights up every area of the brain, promoting growth in all developmental domains at once. It is therefore the perfect vehicle to facilitate early childhood education.


This is why we keep going. For you. For your children. For the future. To fulfill our mission in being the place where hearts sing and children flourish. To follow our studio values of Joy, Connection, Growth, Heart, and Family.

Thank you for being a part of our “Heartie” tribe. The fact that you are with us during these challenging times humbles us and honors us. Your prioritizing your child’s development through joyful musical learning, even in these challenging times, shows us that you share our mission. It shows us that you see and understand the benefits that Kindermusik can bring to your children and their futures.

We’d love to know what motivates you to keep going with Kindermusik. Why have you prioritized this for your child? How is it benefitting you and your family during this time?

We know that as you participate in your Kindermusik class each week and practice and play at home in between classes, your child will flourish and your heart will swell.