Mamma Mia!

Here we go again . . .

And once again we find ourselves pivoting to online school, mask mandates, and doing our best to protect our loved ones and our communities from this virus.

But we have what we didn’t have two years ago when this whole thing started: some hard-won experience. We know what we’re doing. We’ve been there, done that. We’ve had live virtual classes. We’ve learned how to efficiently clean instruments between classes. We adjust our classroom rituals to be more distanced. And your JOY Team is fully vaccinated and are PROS at teaching in masks.

We have another new thing that we didn’t have two years ago: many of YOU. We have so many new babies that have joined our music family. Babies born into a world and at a time not of their choosing. A time of division, of complication, and of confusion. And most importantly to a developing infant, a time lacking in social connection.

We know that healthy and loving connection is the most important part of a new child’s development. And while we know your children are getting all the love and connection from you at home, there’s just no substitute for the socialization that can come from seeing their peers and going out into the world.

Our Kindermusik classes and curriculum are designed specifically to optimize the growth and development of your child. And during these covid-times we have re-designed our studio protocols to ensure your family’s safety.

We are so honored that you continue to trust us with your children and thank you for being part of this studio family. We wouldn’t be here without you.