Level 5 – ages 4.5-7 / two years of classes

You’ll see your young musician thrive in our piano and instrument preparation classes where children learn in a creative, joyful, and most importantly – developmentally appropriate – way. No need to push ahead too quickly. Let’s whet that appetite for music while developing the skills and the foundation to really shine! You’ll find that musical learning makes a difference in school and that this two year program will set your child on the path to success with future formal music lessons.

“I give YOU tons of credit for preparing these sweeties for formal lessons. I see an enormous difference in the children who have been through Kindermusik and those who have not.” -Lana B. – voice and piano teacher








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Weekly 60 minute class
Tuition: 74.00 monthly installment. Annual Membership Fee 30.00

Materials: billed twice yearly –  80.00 Sept. and Jan. Includes everything needed for class and musical home activities along with instruments for your child to keep: Glockenspiel (Year 1), Dulcimer & Recorder (Year 2).

Concurrent pre-school/baby/toddler classes at the Salt Lake studio. Drop your pre-schooler off at their Level 3,4 or 5 class and attend Foundations, Level 1 or Level 2. Two kids, one trip to the studio. NOTE: Concurrent classes may have a 5 minute overlap due to our staggered start times.

Level 5 Year 1 – Kindergarten Age

The first year of Level 5 opens your child’s mind and heart to learning about the fundamentals of music. Confidence soars, musicality grows and eyes shine as we learn to play the glockenspiel, a pre-keyboard instrument.

Salt Lake Studio – ongoing enrollment means you can enroll any time.


Level 5 Year 2 – 1st Grade Age

Level 5 Year 2 students are typically first grade age with some younger students who have completed Year 1. First grade students who haven’t completed Year 1 are welcome to join Year 2, noting that there will be an additional charge for a glockenspiel and some extra help from Ms. Carol to catch up to the group. New students for this level are accepted through September only.

“I love that Kindermusik gives the kiddos such a great foundation in a fun, interactive and loving environment! My son will be ready for the transition to piano when he finishes the second year of the Level 5 classes.” Patty H. – piano teacher

Children continue to play the glockenspiel and discover more about the string and woodwind families with an introduction to their very own dulcimer and recorder. Their confidence shines as they play their instruments, sing, dance read music and even compose. The highlight of this capstone year is a field trip to attend the Utah Symphony at Abravanel Hall with our classmates.

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