“Let’s hold hands and make a circle!”

In our baby and toddler music classes, we almost always include a circle dance in every class. Together we’re a circle of support, love, and belonging.Those circle dances are great fun, but there’s serious purpose behind them too.

A circle is a symbol of community, and in it we all contribute equally. For your child, our circle dances give them a chance to see everyone, be part of our community, and to belong. There is no beginning or end to our circle, we all create our dance together.

This is especially important in a post-pandemic world. Lots of children missed out on crucial developmental opportunities to learn social skills. Coming to Kindermusik and participating in group dances is the perfect way to boost the acquisition of those socialization skills.

Besides the power of the emotional connections created in our circle dancing, we are also igniting the brain to work at its fullest capacity. Only through music and movement activities can the brain fully develop. As we plan our movements and dance as an ensemble the brain has to work hard to coordinate everything.

Socialization and interpersonal unity is often developed in musical ensembles and athletic teams. Circle dances combine the best of both worlds and integrate music AND movement, done collectively. Circle dances are found in many cultures around the globe and throughout human history. They build community and belonging both historically and contemporarily. Dancing in a circle benefits the mind, the body, and the community.

Come dance with us!