Kindermusik Activities at Home!

During our seasonal break from the studio, lots of your little ones will be missing their music class. It’s so easy to have a little Kindermusik at home! And I’m not even talking about the vast library on the Kindermusik app or all your @Home materials available online. Just use a familiar Kindermusik class as inspiration for incorporating music at home.

1. Hello Song 
When you greet your little one first thing in the morning or after nap time sing “Hello” to the tune of your choice, or sing the Hello Song you know from class. Just substitute your child’s name. Extend it into an activity using familiar motions and have a little baby exercise as you’re getting going. Mornings are a great bonding time to incorporate a little music into your routine.

2. Dance Together
Open that Kindermusik app and search for one of these tunes:

  • Forte and Piano Dance
  • Tinga Layo
  • Peek-a-boo, I Love You
  • Bohemian Dance

Or simply play one of your own favorite upbeat songs. Slide around that Kitchen together. Sashay, zig zag, wiggle, glide, zoom, twirl, twist, bend, kick. Think of that movement poster in Studio Joy and think of creative ways to move together. 

3. Go for a Ride!
Maybe you don’t have a bilibo at home, but I bet you have bath towels! Put your little one on that bath towel facing backwards and drag them around the house. (Make sure they face away from the direction you are moving so that if they fall back their head is caught on the sling of the towel and doesn’t hit back on the floor.) Put on some music to make it even more fun. I suggest the Germans Band: Stop and Go or Surprise Symphony songs on the Kindermusik app. Those are great for a little anticipation and inhibitory control.

If dragging the towel around doesn’t feel secure enough, simply put an empty, sturdy laundry basket on top of that towel, let your child climb inside, and “drive” them around the hard floors in your house. Don’t forget to pretend to buckle up first!

4. Storytime
As an enrolled Kindermusik family you have access to all the Kindermusik books right on the Kindermusik app. You can read a favorite one together or explore new ones. Better yet, head to the local library. Find a book that rhymes and has rhythm and cadence. Add your own melody. Or maybe find a book that illustrates a well-known children’s nursery rhyme or song. Lay our a special “story time blanket” and sing our well-known auditory cue “Let’s get our blanket out . . . let’s get our blanket out . . . It’s time for a story . . . sit right down and read with me.” That will make your reading time together feel even more special.

5. Active Listening
Back to that Kindermusik app . . . on the bottom of the app in the center you’ll see a “library” icon. Click on that. Then head to the search bar and simply type in “sound”. You’ll find recordings of ALL SORTS of things. There are LOTS of ANIMAL sounds: elephant, lion, monkey, zebra, parrot, ponies, squirrels, crickets, and more. There are HUMAN sounds: laughter, chewing, knocking, walking and running footsteps, and more. There are INSTRUMENT sounds: drums, pipes, maracas, and more. There are VEHICLE sounds: sirens, engines, keys jingling, seat belts buckling, and more. There are NATURE sounds: ocean waves, wind blowing, birds chirping, and more.

Just like in class you can get your little one’s attention focused, rub those listening ears from top to bottom and say “Listen, listen, listen, shh.” Then play a sound. Mimic the sound. Guess what the sound it. Look up a picture of what is making the sound. Such a fun game to play at home!


There are MORE ways to incorporate simple Kindermusik activities at home. Check back here soon for even more ideas!