Just Getting Started

Now that we are a few weeks into this new Kindermusik season, we hope you are having a delightful time singing and playing with your children in our sensory rich, supportive, and safe environment.

If you drop your older child off and don’t get to share in the weekly joy-fest we have here, just know that your children are adapting to the new environment, to their peers, to their new educator, and to our studio expectations. They are learning all of this while engaged in fun musical activities that are so enjoyable they don’t really even know they’re learning.

To our new families, your faces are becoming more familiar. To our returning families, we are so glad to see your child’s shining eyes once again! And we are JUST GETTING STARTED! We have SO MUCH in store for your kids this year.

As families go through so many transitions at this time of year, it is absolutely crucial that you set up routines and rituals to help make the transition as smoothly as possible. At Kindermusik we have lots of routines so that children know what to expect next and what is expected of them. We have several rituals in every class that not only gives them predictability to rely upon but also provides an activity of connection which makes them feel safe so they can be ready to learn.

Routines and rituals are the foundation for a successful learning environment, at Kindermusik, at school, and at home. You will notice, the longer you attend Kindermusik at Song of the Heart, that our classes have a pattern to them. We establish this pattern thoughtfully, to maximize student comfort, safety, independence, creativity, and learning.

Though our class framework remains consistent throughout the year, be assured that your Joy Team educator is a master at flexibility as well. Within a class’s framework we allow the children room to explore and extend their learning. We pivot and follow their lead, scaffold on their skills, and lean into any activity that is turning out to be both highly effective and highly enjoyable. Your educator will meet your child where they are at and adjust according to their needs and developmental level.

And if your child is younger and you attend class with them, hopefully we can give you a few effective strategies to use at home as you establish your own family’s routines and rituals. And remember that practice makes progress. If your child isn’t comfortable in class yet, don’t worry. It’s only been a couple of weeks. Give them at least six weeks to become familiar to the Song of the Heart way.

May your next week bring joy to your heart and connection with your loved ones. Sing with you soon!