The brilliant Fred Rogers said,  “When we treat children’s play as seriously as it deserves, we are helping them to feel the JOY that’s to be found in the creative spirit,” You’ll notice that we take children’s play, JOY, and the creative spirit pretty seriously at Kindermusik.

So often, our little ones are rushed into experiences and activities that they aren’t physically or emotionally ready for. That doesn’t happen here. Our curriculum is carefully researched and created to be developmentally appropriate – from our newborn classes to our piano-prep classes for 7 year olds.. And the best part? You get to be part of it all. Your child needs YOU and the JOY that experiencing music brings — together. Barbara Johnson said, “To be in your children’s memories tomorrow, you have to be in their lives today.” Isn’t that the truth? Give yourself a little pat on the back for choosing to be WITH your little one each week at the studio. We count ourselves lucky to be part of the JOY of the beautiful memories you are making.
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