I Am Safe. I Am Loved. I Can Learn.

Those are the feelings we want your children to have when they come to Song of the Heart Studios and experience Kindermusik and our music clubs. And for that matter, it’s how we want YOU as the adult in your child’s life to feel when you are with us as well. Whether you drop your Little Music Maker off at one of our classes for older kiddos, or whether you stay to enjoy a Little Learners class with your younger child, we want everyone who joins us to feel safe. To feel loved. To feel welcome. To feel like here is a place where you can learn.

Here’s why this is a primary goal of the JOY Team and Song of the Heart Studios:

It’s all about brain science.


Our most primitive brain state is the survival state. The question our brain asks is “Am I safe?” This is when our brain stem and limbic system’s needs are met. If a person doesn’t feel safe, then they cannot function at a higher level. Only when you know you are safe from threat can a person (adult or child) move up to the next higher brain state. And so here we want you to feel safe.

We have a lot of safety protocols here at Song of the Heart Studios. Part of them include minimizing exposure to Covid. Part of them include never allowing children to be unsupervised. Part of it is having emergency kits in every classroom. Part of it is following fire code regulations. But it is so much more than physical safety.

We want your child to feel like they can trust their educator. We want you to feel like you can trust us. We have physical safety in mind, always, but we also think about emotional safety.

It’s why we give several weeks for new children to acclimate to our studio space and routines and rituals. Our routines create a sense of familiarity, which breeds feelings of security and safety. We are very intentional crafting our classroom routines, from where to put your shoes, to our gathering time and Hello song, to our closing Goodbye song and Wish Well. Knowing what to expect next helps all children feel safe and secure.


The next level up in our brain states is the emotional state. This is when the brain asks “Am I loved?”

Part of our culture of safety is to help you understand that everyone experiences Kindermusik a little differently, at their developmental level. And that is okay and by design. There is no comparison, no judgment. Only acceptance and affection in a nurturing environment. We appreciate every family that comes to us and love to see the individuality in each child.

When we look into your child’s eyes and sing to them “We wish you well . . .” we are letting them know that we love them. We hold you in our hearts. We delight in your presence. You are appreciated and loved here in our studio. Only when someone feels loved can they move up to the final, and highest brain state.

This is why we witness your child with “You did it!” and “I see you . . . ” statements. When they feel seen, they feel loved.


This is the state that can only be achieved when a person feels safe and loved. And this is the state where learning takes place. This is the place where self-regulation takes place. This is the place where decision making takes place. None of these executive tasks can take place until AFTER someone is secure in their safety and love.

This is when your child can truly thrive in the rich environment that we provide. This is when your child can make neural connections as we repeat a favorite activity. This is when they can explore safely with new props and instruments and learn new concepts through their senses and through gentle instruction.

Here at Song of the Heart Studios you and your child are SAFE. Here you are LOVED. And here, we hope, you can LEARN.