How’s Your Heart?

It’s been a long year, hasn’t it? We have collectively been superstars as we figure out how to keep life managed as time ticks by during these unique circumstances.

We want to let you caregivers know that we SEE you. Enduring life during a pandemic is hard for everyone, but there are extra challenges when you are a caretaker. We see you being heroes for your little ones by the way you continue to show up to life each day. Each day you care for your children. Each day you manage the family schedule. Each day you continue to want the best for your kids, whatever that looks like for your unique family situation.

We see you in class with your littles. We see you trying. And we have to ask . . . how’s your HEART? How are YOU? The JOY team is very focused on the development of your children and in providing a positive Kindermusik experience for them, but just know that we care about you too. We care about your experience. We care about all the ways you are showing up and fighting hard.

No matter the hard, no matter the challenge, no matter the strain, you keep showing up for your children. We applaud you. We know these times will shape the psyche of this generation of children and parents, and you are there each day fighting for some normal, fighting for some balance. You are STILL providing a loving and enriching environment for your children.

For all we’ve been through this year, we’re not done with it yet. “And miles to go before I sleep . . .” as the great poet Robert Frost said.

Even though we have a long time to go to get through this pandemic together, we have come so far. So take a moment and remind your inner child that you are doing fine. You are doing enough. You are enough. Take care of YOUR heart too.