Holiday Magic

We’re resting and resetting after the holiday rush. We hope that you have enjoyed your holiday, whatever and however you celebrate during this season.

This time of year is replete with traditions across many cultures as so many holidays converge during this month. Traditions bind together a community and a culture across the years and give symbolic meaning to that’s culture’s beliefs. That sounds almost like a routine or a ritual, doesn’t it? Family traditions, holiday traditions, religious traditions, and even our studio traditions, all work in the same way. With intention and practice these traditions, or rituals, create connection.

It all comes back to connection. Human beings crave connection to one another, and it is the absence of connection that leads to so many of our society’s problems. Where there is connection, there is safety. And where there is safety, there is the ability to learn, to grow, to resolve conflict, to build relationships, and to build self-worth.

That is the heart of all we do here at Song of the Heart Studios. It is our mission to make your children’s eyes shine and help them flourish. We hope we’ve been successful in adding that value to your family’s life this year. We thank you for letting us be part of your child’s and family’s journey. Thank you for being part of our studio family.

Happy Holidays from Song of the Heart Studios and the JOY Team.

Sing with you soon!