Freedom and Unity

Happy Independence Day!

This year it feels a little different, doesn’t it? Freedom, individual liberty, the social contract, and patriotism have all become embroiled in controversy. We are a country that holds its history dear, and tries to live up to the legacy of freedom our founding fathers instituted. But with all the different ideas out there on what exactly that means, we have a lot of division in our country. Wherever you sit on the political, social, or ideological spectrum, it is a turbulent time to be an American.

Which, in our view, makes Kindermusik all the more valuable. Here at Song of the Heart Studios we strive to be inclusive and welcoming to all. We appreciate every person that contributes to our studio family. We recognize that it is through our diversity that we can appreciate the spectrum of humanity.

Children ARE the future, and there is no way around that. It’s our job, as the people that brought them here, to protect and prepare them. If they are going to enter adulthood in this world and be able to thrive, we need to give them the best foundation possible. And that all comes through connection and attachment. The more you connect with your little one now, the more confident and skilled they will become as they grow and enter society. And bringing them to Kindermusik at this tender age is truly giving them the best developmental foundation you could ask for.

Music is a universal human experience. All evolutions of human culture for millennia have had music. Humans use their bodies for percussion and their voices for singing and chanting. We have made musical instruments from natural resources. We’ve developed different systems of tonality. All humans have experienced music in their life. All people are innately and inherently musical.

As a universal experience, music can be a great unifier. There’s nothing quite like raising our voices in song together that can bond a group of people. Or the shared experience of live music at an outdoor concert. In a world of division we need more connection. And we can get that through music.

So dive in to the music of your soul, and the music that lives inside your very cells. Listen to your body’s rhythm, move freely in joyful dance. Teach that freedom of joyful dance and music making to your children. May we all have more freedom, more unity, and more MUSIC.