Family Jam of Joy!

Here at Song of the Heart Studios our hearts are bursting with pride and joy! Thank you so much for coming out to our Family Jam! There were 29 beautiful Kindermusik graduates this year! It was incredible to watch them follow their director, play with good technique and accuracy, and show off some of the skills they have been learning all year. We are so proud of what they have accomplished! We are so grateful to all you Kindermusik families that entrust us with a portion of your child’s development.

After the graduation we had a blast making crafts, painting musical faces, enjoying a funny magic show, and devouring popsicles.



And don’t forget our AMAZING musical petting zoo! Did your child get to play the drums? Were they able to produce sound on the trumpet or flute? Run their finger down the harp strings? It’s such an amazing opportunity to expose these children to a wide variety of instruments and see which one captures their fancy and inspires their imagination.








This investment you are making into your child’s development through early childhood musical experiences will pay dividends throughout their lives. We are so passionate about what we do, but we could not do it without YOU. Thank you for being a part of the Song of the Heart Family and we’ll see you at Summermusik!




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