Class – Community – Connection

We have a goal for our families and every child that walks into our studio: to feel safe and to feel loved. Brain and behavior scientists have demonstrated that until a person feels safe and loved they cannot learn. Learning and growth require us to be in the executive functioning level of our brain. And we can’t get there unless are regulated and secure. So the first order of business in any class should be making people feel safe and loved.

There are a variety of routines and rituals in our studio that seeks to accomplish this. The routines of putting your shoes in the lobby and coming into gathering time help develop a predictability and security. The hello song names each child individually and bonds the class together as a group. This helps develop a sense of community and appreciation in your child. And that’s just at the beginning of class! There are so many more moments that follow that build that sense of safety and love.

We all have a basic human need for connection. It is connection to our loved ones that makes us feel secure and gives us a sense of home. It is connection to our friends that adds depth and joy to our lives. It is connection to our community that can give us a sense of belonging and a place to give of our talents.

Our Kindermusik community is one space where you can come for connection. We hope that YOU feel welcome and safe in our studio as well as your child. If you attend class with your child we invite you to reach out and get to know the other caretakers in the room. We ask that you sing along with your educator, as making music together can help the class feel bonded together. Your educator brings joy, preparedness, music, dance, instruments, and props to class. But you bring something too: YOU. Your talents, abilities, attitude, and participation can add so much to the feeling in the classroom, and we invite you to help us make it a special place.

When we all feel connection we lift each other up and can make each class a truly joyful, magical experience. Thank you for being a part of it!