Welcome back! We are swinging into high gear here at Song of the Heart Studios! Our studio and hearts and hands are full as we transition into new schedules, new classes, new families, and new routines.

We hope you had a WONDERFUL first couple of weeks here at Song of the Heart. We know your children will love their educator, even if it takes them a few weeks to warm up. And we know that YOU will love the opportunity to slow down, connect, and engage in some JOYful music making with your little one each week.

To all of the newly enrolled families, welcome to our Heartie Tribe! We are so happy to count you among us and to share with you and your little one the joy and magic of Kindermusik. There is so much in store. Here at Song of the Heart we are WAY MORE than just a simple “Mommy & Me” class. Alongside all the engaging musical curriculum, you’ll be getting child development information, gentle parenting tips, and more!

And to all our returning families, welcome back! We are SO glad you’re here. And thank you for all the social media love! We delight in seeing your “First Day of Kindermusik” photos. How cute is this little one? We simply LOVE see your children grow through the years with us.

Welcome Back!

It’s Welcome Week here at Song of the Heart Studios and we are THRILLED to see you and your child’s shining eyes once more. We are in full swing teaching classes, reestablishing routines, forging new connections, and managing all the chaos that seems to accompany the return to the studio.

It is our mission that when you walk through our doors and experience a Kindermusik class with us, that your hearts will sing and your children will flourish. Everything we do as a studio and as educators is done intentionally with that aim in mind, as we strive to give you a stellar experience.

However, with the start of a new season, there may always be some bumps in the road. If your child is new to our studio or even just been away for a few weeks, the transition back into our routines can take some time. It is completely NORMAL for your child to act differently in class than they do at home. It is normal for them to seem overwhelmed, or shy, or hyperactive, or unsure. Our best piece of advice to ease this transition is to be patient. Give it time. Remember that repetition and consistency is KEY for children to learn.

Our delightful routines that take place in each class are carefully and intentionally structured to signal to your child what is about to happen and what is expected of them. As they (and you!) learn how our Kindermusik classes are run, their behavior will settle and become more predictable, your experience will become more consistently joyous, and you will see the benefits in their development over the course of the year. Raising these little ones is a marathon, not a sprint; we are overjoyed at the opportunity to be a part of this season in their development.

Now Let’s Sing!