Thankful for YOU!

This time of year provides the opportunity to reflect on what we are grateful for. At Song of the Heart Studios we have so much to be grateful for. Here are a few of the things we’re thankful for this season:

1. Your Children

We love your children. We love your families. We delight in being with them and teaching them every week. We love watching them learn, develop, and grow. We love watching their eyes shine with delight when we introduce a new activity or with pride when they successfully write out their first rhythmic dictation

2. You

We honor you, parents and guardians. We see you doing your best to raise your children in this world and think you are doing a marvelous job. The fact that you trust us to help teach your children is a privilege. The fact that you are investing in their development and enrichment is admirable.

3. Your Generosity

During our Hearties Helping event this year you were so generous! We were able to collectively gift hundreds of pajamas and books to local children in need. Our Heartie Tribe is so privileged to be able to afford early childhood musical education and you recognize that there are so many kids out there with less privilege. Thank you, thank you, for sharing a bit of what you have with those who have less.

4. Our Teachers

Our JOY Team pulls out all the stops, week after week. We hope that you enjoy their classes, catch their enthusiasm, and admire their professionalism. Our teachers have excellent pedagogy skills, a commitment to education, and a deep love for your children. We are so grateful for every member of our team that contributes to making our studio what it is.

5. Safety

We are so happy that despite the risks of Covid and the topsy-turvy times we’re living in, that we have found a way to safely deliver in-person Kindermusik experiences to your families. Unfortunately many, many Kindermusik studios across the country and the world had to shut down permanently due to Covid. But our studio has weathered the storm, in part due to our administration and team’s incredible creativity and flexibility, but also because of you and your continued commitment to providing this experience for your children. We wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you.

We are thankful. And we thank you.

I Am Safe. I Am Loved. I Can Learn.

Those are the feelings we want your children to have when they come to Song of the Heart Studios and experience Kindermusik and our music clubs. And for that matter, it’s how we want YOU as the adult in your child’s life to feel when you are with us as well. Whether you drop your Little Music Maker off at one of our classes for older kiddos, or whether you stay to enjoy a Little Learners class with your younger child, we want everyone who joins us to feel safe. To feel loved. To feel welcome. To feel like here is a place where you can learn.

Here’s why this is a primary goal of the JOY Team and Song of the Heart Studios:

It’s all about brain science.


Our most primitive brain state is the survival state. The question our brain asks is “Am I safe?” This is when our brain stem and limbic system’s needs are met. If a person doesn’t feel safe, then they cannot function at a higher level. Only when you know you are safe from threat can a person (adult or child) move up to the next higher brain state. And so here we want you to feel safe.

We have a lot of safety protocols here at Song of the Heart Studios. Part of them include minimizing exposure to Covid. Part of them include never allowing children to be unsupervised. Part of it is having emergency kits in every classroom. Part of it is following fire code regulations. But it is so much more than physical safety.

We want your child to feel like they can trust their educator. We want you to feel like you can trust us. We have physical safety in mind, always, but we also think about emotional safety.

It’s why we give several weeks for new children to acclimate to our studio space and routines and rituals. Our routines create a sense of familiarity, which breeds feelings of security and safety. We are very intentional crafting our classroom routines, from where to put your shoes, to our gathering time and Hello song, to our closing Goodbye song and Wish Well. Knowing what to expect next helps all children feel safe and secure.


The next level up in our brain states is the emotional state. This is when the brain asks “Am I loved?”

Part of our culture of safety is to help you understand that everyone experiences Kindermusik a little differently, at their developmental level. And that is okay and by design. There is no comparison, no judgment. Only acceptance and affection in a nurturing environment. We appreciate every family that comes to us and love to see the individuality in each child.

When we look into your child’s eyes and sing to them “We wish you well . . .” we are letting them know that we love them. We hold you in our hearts. We delight in your presence. You are appreciated and loved here in our studio. Only when someone feels loved can they move up to the final, and highest brain state.

This is why we witness your child with “You did it!” and “I see you . . . ” statements. When they feel seen, they feel loved.


This is the state that can only be achieved when a person feels safe and loved. And this is the state where learning takes place. This is the place where self-regulation takes place. This is the place where decision making takes place. None of these executive tasks can take place until AFTER someone is secure in their safety and love.

This is when your child can truly thrive in the rich environment that we provide. This is when your child can make neural connections as we repeat a favorite activity. This is when they can explore safely with new props and instruments and learn new concepts through their senses and through gentle instruction.

Here at Song of the Heart Studios you and your child are SAFE. Here you are LOVED. And here, we hope, you can LEARN.

Welcome Back!

It’s Welcome Week here at Song of the Heart Studios and we are THRILLED to see you and your child’s shining eyes once more. We are in full swing teaching classes, reestablishing routines, forging new connections, and managing all the chaos that seems to accompany the return to the studio.

It is our mission that when you walk through our doors and experience a Kindermusik class with us, that your hearts will sing and your children will flourish. Everything we do as a studio and as educators is done intentionally with that aim in mind, as we strive to give you a stellar experience.

However, with the start of a new season, there may always be some bumps in the road. If your child is new to our studio or even just been away for a few weeks, the transition back into our routines can take some time. It is completely NORMAL for your child to act differently in class than they do at home. It is normal for them to seem overwhelmed, or shy, or hyperactive, or unsure. Our best piece of advice to ease this transition is to be patient. Give it time. Remember that repetition and consistency is KEY for children to learn.

Our delightful routines that take place in each class are carefully and intentionally structured to signal to your child what is about to happen and what is expected of them. As they (and you!) learn how our Kindermusik classes are run, their behavior will settle and become more predictable, your experience will become more consistently joyous, and you will see the benefits in their development over the course of the year. Raising these little ones is a marathon, not a sprint; we are overjoyed at the opportunity to be a part of this season in their development.

Now Let’s Sing!

5 Tips for Kindermusik Success

As we have had a few new families join us for Summermusik, it’s important for you to know a few of our best tips to get the most out of your experience. It’s a good reminder for our returning families as well!

  1. PARTNERSHIP:You are your child’s partner in class. What does this mean? It means you make eye contact with your little one. It means you engage playfully with them. It means you notice what they are doing, label what they are doing, and help them build upon what they are doing. It means that you are fully present with them, fully engaged, and focused on them and their process. If your older child is in a drop-off class, the same thing goes for the few minutes of sharing time at the end of class. Let them show off and shine and share. Watch them. Encourage them. Cheer them on. Hug them. Sing with them. Make your time together special.

    Maybe your child is one of those children that just can’t sit still. That’s okay and totally normal. Movers gotta move. It’s how they process information. If your child needs to get up and walk away from the circle and explore, go with them. Follow them, meet them where they are, then bring them back when they are ready.


    Every child experiences Kindermusik in just the right way for them and their development. There is no wrong way to experience Kindermusik. If your child doesn’t appear to be fully engaged in the activity, don’t stress. They are still learning. They are still taking it in. They are absorbing the information and experiencing it in a way that is just right for them. Is your kid off in the corner looking at the lights? Is your child sitting on the rug content to watch others instead of joining in? Does your child avoid eye contact with the educator and want to be held the whole time? Great! Do what they need. Follow their lead. Their brains and bodies are still benefiting from the class experience.


    Children learn best through play, and repetitive play at that. They need repetition of activities in order to fully process that information and formulate the dendrite connections in their brains. Our educators are experts at reading a classroom and repeating an activity as needed by the students. They tailor their lessons on the spot, in the moment, based upon what the children before them need. And more often than not, children need just one more repetition. Adults always tire of an activity quicker than a child does because an adult’s brain can assimilate new information more rapidly. There’s a developmental and cognitive reason that children ask for the same bedtime story over and over and over. They need that repetition to learn. So even though you may feel like an activity is tired, trust that your child needs it to reap the brain benefits.


    Here at Song of the Heart Studios we strive to develop a sense of community and culture, and we want all of you and your children feel like a part of it. That extends into the classroom. Your class is unique. The specific blend of children, adults, and educator all bring something different to the experience; you all contribute. So please think of your class as your musical tribe. Participate fully. Get to know each other’s names. Make eye contact with other adults and children in the room. We invite you to become part of our studio family.

Let’s SING!

You may have noticed our new “Let’s Sing!” initiative in our studio. We have always encouraged you and your little ones to sing along with us during our classes, but sometimes it’s easy to forget to participate in this most fundamental way.

We get it. Not everyone feels confident singing. Sometimes it’s easier to let the educator take the lead, and enjoy class in a more passive way. Maybe you’re intimidated by the other strong voices in your class. Whatever barriers might exist that make you feel less inclined to sing, we want to remind you of the reasons why singing along is so beneficial!

  • Your voice is your child’s FAVORITE voice. No one sounds quite like mom, dad, grandma, or nanny. A child’s primary caregiver is their source of comfort and security, and a huge part of that is familiarity with your voice. Not your child’s primary caregiver? Singing to them is an extremely effective way to build the same level of bonding and attachment that they have with their primary caregiver, making the time that you care for them that much more effective and easy.
  • As mentioned before, ATTACHMENT with a child or infant is super-charged when you add singing. Lullabies and playful songs promote eye contact, intentional touch, and build connection. And as we know from Conscious Discipline research, “connection builds cooperation”. Don’t miss out on this easy way to connect with your child.
  • Teach your child by EXAMPLE. Want your child to gain the language development benefits that come from singing along? Show them how. Want your child’s brain to light up in all developmental areas? Encourage them to sing by singing yourself! Want your child to develop the pro-social group behaviors that come from collective singing? Lead the way. They won’t learn how to exercise their voices if you aren’t using yours.
  • It’s FUN. As delightful as our Kindermusik classes are designed to be, you can make it that much more of a special experience by adding your voice to ours. A whole choir of families engaged in musical play and learning is such a beautiful sound!

No matter your vocal ability, Kindermusik is a safe place to use your first and most basic instrument. Your voice is a huge part of who you are. And you are welcome here, just as you are. Whether you have classical vocal training or none at all. Whether you’ve got vocal confidence or none at all. Where else can you let your inner child out to play and be completely safe? Kindermusik isn’t just a safe environment for your child, it’s a safe place for YOU. We invite you to throw those inhibitions out the door, tuck those cell phones back in your bags, and be fully present, both physically and vocally, with your child when in our studio.

Let’s SING!

Meet the JOY Team Part III

Our fabulous Ms Patrice has been part of the JOY team longer than any other educator at the studio. She’s been teaching with us for 18 years! She plays the piano and the organ, but her primary instrument is her voice. She teaches private voice lessons and once performed the major role of Narrator in Joseph & the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat starring David Osmond.

Ms Patrice’s musical favorites include Josh Groban, Gentri, and the great Audra McDonald. In her personal time she loves to bake, to garden, to shop, and to eat . . . desserts. She loves being with her family and taking care of her grandson.

This woman actually likes mowing the lawn and vacuuming the carpet. And if you ever want to get on her good side, bring her an ice cold Dr Pepper.

Her favorite part of a Kindermusik class is the lap bounce as your children yell “Again! Again!” She also loves the cuddle time and observing the bonding that takes place between you and your littles. The giggles and the smiles she gets during a Kindermusik class brings her joy.


Ms Patty is the instrumentalist of our team! She also runs all the fun extra events that we do at Song of the Heart Studios throughout the year. As a kid her band teacher gave her the nickname Pattytyme. It spread throughout the class, then the school, and even followed her to college.

Her primary instruments are the clarinet and the piano, but she also plays the flute, trombone, trumpet, violin, and cello. Talk about versatile!

She enjoys listening to the relaxing music of Jim Brickman, but most of the time in her house you will see her and her boys singing and dancing to movie soundtracks. A few current family favorites include Star Wars, Harry Potter, Newsies, and Marry Poppins.

What she loves most about being your child’s Kindermusik educator is her ability to foster growth in them. It is so important to her to help each child grow physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Her favorite part of her Kindermusik classes is the creative movement. Watching your kiddos explore and use their imaginations to express themselves brings her lots of joy and they always have lots of giggles and smiles in class.

In her own time she enjoys sewing, cooking, gardening, teaching nutrition, hiking, and camping. But most of all she loves spending time with her children and husband.

 * * *

And that’s a wrap! Now you know a bit more about each of the incredible team members here at your Song of the Heart Studios. As your child advances through the Kindermusik curriculum, you can be sure that your child will be loved and in the hands of an experienced and talented educator. It can be hard to say goodbye to a beloved teacher, but it’s always exciting to move up and meet the wonderful women that teach the next level. Thank you for being part of our JOY family here at Song of the Heart Studios. We couldn’t do what we do without YOU.

Snow Day!

It has been a long time since we had a snow day here in the Salt Lake Valley. We Utahns typically handle snow just fine, thank you very much. Believe it or not, this if the first snow day that Song of the Heart Studios has had in its near 21 years of being open! That tracks right along with the news that it’s been about two decades since any of our school districts closed because of snow.

We are so sorry to have missed singing and playing with you and your little ones today, and we are sure there were many disappointed children when they found out that today wouldn’t be a Kindermusik day after all. So here’s some ideas to create that Kindermusik magic at home, while you’re stuck indoors and can’t get down your driveway.

  • Put on the Skater’s Waltz and grab some paper plates and “ice skate” around the kitchen.
  • Sing the perennial favorite “If You’re Happy and You Know It” and insert all sorts of snow themed actions such as: stomp in the snow, sled down the hill, skate on the pond, make a snowman, throw a snowball, blow on your hot chocolate, shovel the walk, etc.
  • Put on your current Kindermusik cd that you received at the beginning of your most recent unit, or grab an old favorite one, and dance around the house.
  • Log on to your account and spend some time poking around our Kindermusik Online materials. There are always quick, fun activities to do there!
  • Make snowman art with construction paper, white craft paint, and q-tips. Q-tips make a great tool for painting snow flurries all over your paper!

Stay safe and we’ll make music again with you soon!

Meet the JOY Team Part II

Ms Carol needs no introduction, as she is our esteemed Studio Director who began our beloved Song of the Heart Studio over 20 years ago in her family room! Her primary instrument is her voice, and she also plays the piano, the guitar, and the ukulele. Her favorite genre of music is choral music, with her favorite piece of all time the Duruflé Requiem. Did you know she sang with the Salt Lake Symphony Chorus for many years?

When asked what she loves most about teaching Kindermusik Ms Carol says “Absolutely everything! The joy that is felt, the connections that are made, the amazing growth that we see and the love that permeates it all. Kindermusik is magic!”

Her favorite part of a Kindermusik class is the hand stamp ritual at the end. Stamping her student’s hands at the end of each class gives her a chance to sing with every child (improving pitch matching!), to look them in the eye, hold their little hand, speak an encouraging word, and make sure they feel noticed, heard, and important. She strongly believes that every child needs to feel valued and validated for who they are. This special moment with each of them is a little point where time slows down and a precious connection is made.

She eats, breathes, and sleeps Kindermusik as she nurtures our studio, our team, our families, and other Kindermusik educators around the world. In her free time she loves to read, spend time at the family cabin, and travel. She recently went to Cuba!

Ms Maren is our newest educator. She joined the JOY team one year ago, as the teacher who works in our satellite studio in South Jordan, bringing Kindermusik to the families in that side of the valley. She originally began teaching Kindermusik more than a decade ago in her own home, but took several years off to focus on raising her little children. Now that her kids are a bit older, she has returned to her mission of educating other children through the power of music.

Ms Maren’s primary instrument is her voice and she also plays the piano. She has dabbled in the guitar and ukulele and would love one day to learn the pedal harp. Her favorite music is Romantic era French music. The soaring melodies of Debussy, Chopin, and Fauré always bring her a feeling of bliss.

What she loves most about teaching Kindermusik is seeing first-hand the power of music in a child’s development. To watch a child learn how to wait and anticipate and take turns and follow directions. To watch a child learn how to listen and express themselves creatively. To watch the bonding that occurs between children and caretakers. To watch a child learn how to find and use their voice.

What she loves most about a Kindermusik class is the Hello Song and opening ritual. It’s the moment when adults put distractions away and ready themselves for complete presence with their child, preparing themselves for joy and fun. It’s the moment when children anticipate the next step and their eyes light up with readiness and eagerness. It’s the moment that barriers melt away and a group of friends can have a shared experience. It’s simply beautiful.

When Ms Maren isn’t teaching Kindermusik, she is busy raising three little kids, hiking in National Parks, and playing with power tools in her woodshop.

It’s That Time of Year . . .

. . . When we do our annual holiday class with you and your little ones.

We’ve had fun ice skating on paper plates, playing our jingle bells, going on sleigh rides, spinning in dreidels, and creating snow storms.

The mission of our holiday class is to bring you JOY, our first and foremost studio value. This time of year is filled with hectic schedules: gift buying, present wrapping, recitals, concerts, parties, traveling, hostessing, all on top of our regularly scheduled lives.

And with all that over-scheduling comes stress. It’s no secret that the magic of the holiday season is created by the hard working parents (let’s be honest: mostly the moms). Not only the events and the parties and the decorations, but the PRESENTS. So much shopping. So much financial stress as we blow the budget.

Remember . . . the most important thing you can give your family during the holidays is PRESENCE. The most important thing you can give your family is SHARED EXPERIENCES. And those don’t have to cost much of anything.

So say no. Say no to a couple of things on that endless holiday to-do list, and instead have a Christmas carol sing-along. Drive around and see your neighbor’s house lights. Clean the bathtub sparkling fresh and indulge in some alone-time.

We are honored that we could spend this week creating holiday magic for YOU because we know how much work you put in to this time of year. We hope you enjoyed it. See you in the New Year!

Pajama Jam Joy!

Did you come to our Pajama Jam?
We had SO MUCH FUN celebrating with you. So many of you came out that our studio was bursting at the seams! There wasn’t enough room to contain all those bodies, all those jammies, all that joy, and all those shoes!

Didn’t our oldest students do a marvelous job performing on their dulcimers?

Special thanks to the talented Salt Lake Acting Company for coming to preview their fun new children’s play Pinkalicious. Are you going to go see the full play?
Also thanks to the delightful Puppet Players who always brings smiles to our faces and enrapture our children with their show and puppet petting zoo each year.
Congratulations to our wonderful Suggs family who won the Teddy Bear Giveaway!

Our JOY Team loved seeing you and your littles in your jammies and sharing smiles. And thanks to YOU and your generosity, we collected 286 pairs of pajamas to donate to the Candy Cane Corner at The Road Home shelter in collaboration with the YWCA and the Volunteers of America Utah. You made a difference in a child’s life this holiday season.

Even though we may all have struggles and stresses, we also are blessed with abundance. Thank you for sharing a portion of your abundance with us and with those children who will get to snuggle warmly in a fresh, new pair of pajamas, gifted by you.