Dance Out the Door

Here at Song of the Heart we are firm believers in the power of rituals. Rituals bind communities and cultures together, gives meaning to our days, gives people a sense of security, and helps us identify other members of our culture. Rituals can also give children a sense of predictability, comfort, and social safety.

We have cultivated a special Song of the Heart goodbye ritual to cap off every class. Each teacher may put their own spin on it, but the essentials are there. We’ve already covered the goodbye song and wishing well, but there is still a little more. Let’s dance out the door!

Your educator picks a song to play while your children line up at the door. Lining up is a learned skill that will help them with school readiness, and then they have to wait their turn. Inhibitory control in action! We’ve been practicing it all class long, and we get another dose of practice at the end.

Some classes utilize hand stamps as a final gift from the educator to the children. It always matches the theme of the class, and the children always look forward to it! This is a precious moment when the educator has the opportunity to help your child develop the pro-social behavior of making eye contact. This can be hard for lots of people, and learning to do it as a child, in a loving environment, with a beloved teacher is a gentle way to help teach it.

Eye contact, a hand stamp, and then the cherry on top . . . a personalized sung goodbye. Your teacher will use your child’s name, giving them a sense of importance and validation. This is also modeling good vocal technique. The teacher encourages your child to sing goodbye back, using their teacher’s name. This sweet exchange lets your child know they are cared for and are  important as an individual. It gives them an opportunity to practice singing on pitch, in an appropriate range, in a call-and-response structure. They’re getting one-on-one attention and a mini music lesson all in one brief moment.

This out the door ritual prepares your child for the transition away from class, into the lobby, and back to the car. Transitions can be very difficult for some children, so predictability and routine are essential for making it doable for them.

This brief moment is one of our favorites in class. We love each and every child enrolled at Song of the Heart and want them, and you, to know it!



Summertime Singing

Summermusik is in full swing here at Song of the Heart Studios! Every day we sing, play, craft, dance, and build friendships. We make joyous music and movements as we imagine we are splashing in the water, hunting for bugs, or pretending we’re royalty. Some of our kids are learning keyboarding and rhythm skills. And all of our children are engaging their imagination!

Our summer classes and camps are like our regular Kindermusik classes, but EXTRA. Extra fun. Extra joy. They are a great way to maintain routine and ritual throughout the summer months, which is so important for children to feel grounded in their lives and to give them the predictability they need to feel secure. They don’t even realize the benefits of routine that come when they are having so much fun, but their caregivers sure do.

Child development experts and parents alike know that children thrive under routine and ritual. Many kids (and adults!) have struggled with the last year and a half of unpredictability, uncertainty, and ever-moving targets. That struggle can manifest in challenging behavior. It makes us appreciate the routines and rituals of Kindermusik more than ever before. Our continuing Kindermusik classes and Summer Camps for older children are the perfect way to maintain that sense of routine. And every class is jam-packed with moments of joy, connection, and learning, with an added punch of whimsy.

You can take the Kindermusik summer fun into your home and on your family vacation. Don’t forget to pack your Kindermusik cds for your road trip, or sing one of the splashy songs you’ve learned while giving your little one a bath.

What’s your favorite part of Summermusik?