That’s a Wrap!


We ended our 2017-2018 season with a bang at our annual Family Jam! Thanks to those of you who came to celebrate! Kicking off the event, we watched our precious Kindermusik graduates showcase their musical abilities and perform for their loved ones. It made us reflect upon all they have learned in the years they have been with us and how much joy we have shared. Transitions are always bittersweet; we will miss our graduates so, and yet we have so much joy in seeing them perform in a big ensemble.

After the graduation we had the wonderful opportunity to enjoy a comedic magic show by Magic Brooklyn, indulge in tasty treats provided by Pink Beehive Cotton Candy and Walker Pediatric Dentistry, make and take a simple instrument, enjoy face painting, pose with Maestro the dog, and even hear the wonderful talents of several Kindermusik graduates and parents who played and displayed their instruments for us all to enjoy.


One of the highlights of the Family Jam was the Instrument Petting Zoo, provided by Summerhays Music. We hope it inspired someone in your family to try a new instrument! Who knows what future musical journey may have received its seeds there! Did your child get to hold and touch a trumpet, or a flute, or a cello? We saw their eyes light up as they experienced the magic of gleaming brass, curious levers, slides, reeds, and bows. Best of all was the amazement they felt when they succeeded in producing sound on something so new!

Thanks to all of YOU, dear parents, grandparents, and other adult loved ones who have given your child the gift of Kindermusik at Song of the Heart Studios this past year. We hope that is has brought not only music into your family life but also growth, connection, and made your hearts swell with joy!

We are sharing the joy all summer long, so come sing with us at Summermusik!


I’ve been thinking. Singing TOGETHER in Kindermusik class is such a gift. Not only for the children but for the grown-ups, too. Did you know that communal singing has long been on the decline in the United States? That fact kind of makes me want to put my head in my hands and cry. But then I realize I get to sing every day. A lot. And, I get to help families do the same. That makes my heart just sing!

The shares, 
“Shows like American Idol have promoted the notion that singing is a rare ability reserved for the talented few, and that those without such talent entertain us only by being ridiculed and weeded out. 

This “talent mindset” of music runs counter to what psychologist Carol Dweck calls the “growth mindset” that is considered critical for learning: Students who view their success as a result of hard work will persevere through challenges, while students who believe their success lies with some innate ability – like “talent” – are more likely to give up.

My own research found that if children have a negative view of themselves as singers, they are much less likely to participate in music of any kind.

These self-perceptions of a lack of musical talent can then become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Research shows that adults who dropped out of music as children may lose their singing skills through lack of use and opportunity.

Kids who love music but do not think of themselves as musical could miss out on many of the social and cognitive benefits of music participation, on the experience of feeling connected to others through song.” 

What is a music teacher to do? Sing! What is a parent to do? The same.

Sing in Kindermusik class, in the car, at home, at bed time, at meal time, at play time. How about just about ALL the time?

Karen Loew in The Atlantic says,
“In these divided times as much as ever, we need to do some singing and feeling together, united as both citizens and amateurs.”

I wholeheartedly agree. Let it begin with Kindermusik!

We Are All About Growth

GROWTH – it’s the work of childhood and if you think about it, it’s really the work of life.  As parents, we are constantly growing and stretching and learning. We think we have this parenting thing down and then the baby gives up a nap, the toddler decides that biting is acceptable behavior, a preschooer develops separation anxiety, and a school-age child has friend issues. Ack! If we have the attitude that learning is a life-long endeavor then those moments become catalysts for our own growth rather than time for a good cry. Well, maybe we’ll have an itty bitty cry BEFORE we grow.

We are all about FAMILY growth at Kindermusik and we have oodles of resources to help you continue that growth at home. Our Kindermusik Online Parent Guides are chock full of parenting tips, child development information, and delightful activities to help both you and your child GROW through these priceless early years. We share them because we are all for anything that helps make good parenting even better – easier is nice, too.

We’ve always known that music is a great tool for GROWTH and research continues to prove that it is so.

“Music reaches parts of the brain that other things can’t. It’s a strong cognitive stimulus that grows the brain in a way that nothing else does, and the evidence that musical training enhances things like working memory and language is very robust.” Read more about that here

Kindermusik Creates Connection

Anything that promotes connection among families is right up our alley. Connection creates cooperation (we could all use a little more of that) AND it creates closer families. Music activities do this in such a beautiful and natural way.
Whether you’re new to Song of the Heart Studios, or whether Kindermusik has been a cherished part of your family life for years, here are four ways to help your child CONNECT with their Kindermusik experience.

1. CONNECT with your delightful class music. Stream your music, blue tooth it in the car, down load it and listen, sing, and dance. You’ll find all your songs in your Parent Guide at
2. Name the friends you’ll see (or know) at class. One of the best things about Kindermusik is the CONNECTION you will make with loads of new friends.
3. Talk about being in class. This is a lovely way to help your child begin to CONNECT with your teacher. Talk about listening, following directions, and being kind to friends. Life skills are being developed right alongside our music skills.
4. Ask your child about his/her favorite Kindermusik activity. Talking about favorite activities helps reinforce your child’s love of music, gives you a chance to CONNECT and ingrains beautiful memories of your time together at the studio. – compiled from Minds on Music, Kindermusik International

Our Young Child Year 2 students love their dulcimers! We are CONNECTING with new friends AND a new instrument.