Level 3 – ages 3-5

Two class levels and our NEW Music Play Day allow your preschooler to shine! Need some guidance in deciding between Level 3 or Level 4? We’re here to help at info@songheart.com.

“I have seen the growth in my son’s development from the very beginning, both in his learning skills and his socialization. Now that he is a bit older and I no longer attend class with him, it is fun to see him come home with new songs, ideas, and dances that he has learned in class. And he retains what he learns, which gives him a sense of pride and accomplishment.” – Natalie, Kindermusik Mom








Where preschoolers build confidence, independence, creativity and musicality.
Weekly 60 min. class / Grown-Ups join us for the last 5-7 minutes of each class.
74.00 monthly installment. Annual Membership Fee 30.00

Our NEW Music Play Day includes a weekly hour and 45 minute class including Level 3 Kindermusik, kids yoga, crafts and unstructured play with a fine motor emphasis. 120.00 monthly installment. Annual Membership Fee 30.00

You’ll love our Concurrent pre-school/baby/toddler classes at the Salt Lake studio. Drop your pre-schooler off at their Level 3,4 or 5 class and attend Foundations, Level 1 or Level 2 with your little one. Two kids, one trip to the studio. NOTE: Concurrent classes may have a 5 minute overlap due to our staggered start times.

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If you’d like one of our NEW classes, please enroll. We will contact you to invite you to visit another class until we have 3 enrolled and the NEW class can begin. Tell your friends!

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