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“You know what I love about Kindermusik? You make every child feel like they are your favorite!” Amy – Kindermusik Mom

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When you join our studio we set up an online library for you and add to it each time we begin a new learning theme.
To access this delightful learning tool go to my.kindermusik.com. Use your email address as your username and create a password. Log in any time and anywhere to enjoy your class music, ebooks, video field trips, printable downloads, and home activities. Be sure to peruse the special parent education section for each activity. Stream the music from your phone or tablet, download the music to your computer and transfer it to your ipod, phone, or tablet. A CD is included with each new learning theme, as well. Play the CDs in your car or purchase an inexpensive CD player for your child’s room.

Take a peek at some sample Kindermusik Online activities for each class level:

Babies – 4 Non-Laundry Uses for a Laundry Basket (From Foundations “Little Red Caboose”)

Young Toddlers – Finding Family Members Around the House (From Level 1 “Family & Friends”)

Older Toddlers: Memory/ Fruit Matching Game (From Level 2 “Time for Lunch”)

Preschoolers: Recognizing Bird Sounds (From Level 3 “Out & About”)

A note about Screen Time
: Like most parents, we are conscious of keeping screen time to a minimum. All units contain only a small percentage of content that occurs primarily on the screen and these are meant to be experienced with an adult.
Click HERE to read the position of the NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Children) and Fred Rogers Institute on screen time.